Is Contract Accounting Right for You?

If you’re in the market for a new accounting job, have you considered the path of a contract job? As you begin the process of applying for your next position, you may want to consider the idea of working as a contract accountant. Many people don’t think about these opportunities or are concerned about the stability, but there are a lot of reasons that a contract job may be a good fit, even long term. Let’s take a closer look at the reasons why contract accounting may be right for you.

Hiring Manager Tips: Designing Questions to Uncover Genius

When you’re seeking talented professionals to add to your team, you won’t be satisfied with just a body in a seat. You want someone with skills, ability, and creativity to bring something new to the table. You’re looking for a genius.

But how can you give everyone an opportunity to shine in an interview and yourself the best chance of picking the superstar? Here are 10 question categories you use to design questions that uncover hidden genius.

Does Employer Philanthropy Matter To You?

There is a lot of information today indicating how important giving back to the community within the corporate environment. Forbes has written about it, and the idea has been featured in Fortune and Entrepreneur. Most of these articles focus on why volunteering and philanthropy are good for business. What about how these things are good for you, the employees? Does the community involvement of your employer matter to you in the bigger picture of your career? And, more importantly, should it? Let’s take a closer look at why programs for giving back should be part of your consideration when accepting a new position.

Relax: It’s Just an Interview (4 Steps to Keep Your Cool)

Tensions are high, and that’s understandable. Interviewing is a scary thing, but if you appear too scared or nervous, you could derail the entire meeting. If you’re worried about your stress level and want to be cool, calm, and collected in the presence of the hiring manager, there are a few things you can to do defuse the situation before it becomes a problem. Confidence is a big part of reducing stress, so here are some ways you can build your confidence so you can keep your cool in your next interview.

Lead By Example in Your Accounting Department

In your role as an accounting manager, you’re responsible for a lot of moving parts within your department. When you’re in charge of enforcing a new policy, procedure, or piece of technology, it is common for your employees avoid change. Your accounting staff is used to their daily processes so they may be resistant to this change. It isn’t because they can’t, but because change represents something challenging they’re not ready to face. How can you get your team to try something new? The best advice is to lead by example, and here’s how.

The Highest Paying IT Jobs

You know that your career in information technology can come with a good salary and benefits. There are many high paying jobs within the industry to consider. Before you select a specialization, you may want to check out some of the possibilities for earning potential. Here are some of the highest paying IT careers near our offices and around the country.

How to Adjust to a New Boss

What happens when there is a shift in management within your organization? Getting a new boss can feel overwhelming. You need to learn an entirely new management style and who knows if it will be a match with your current team dynamics. When someone new takes over the role of boss in your company or department, what is the best way to be sure you can adapt quickly and seamlessly? Here are 5 tips to get you started off on the right foot with this new manager.

Be The Change: How to Get Involved in the Community

Today’s professionals want more than just a steady paycheck and a 9 to 5 job, and many companies are responding to that call. Volunteer programs and community involvement are becoming normal at organizations all around the country. But what happens if you join a team that isn’t actively engaged with the local community? Can you be the catalyst for a community involvement program at your company? If you want to make a difference, here are some practical tips to get you started.

What is Your Accounting Elevator Pitch?

Do you have an elevator pitch for your accounting career? If you’re not familiar with the concept, the idea is what you would say if you were in an elevator with someone who could provide the means to your success. With only 30 to 60 seconds to convey who you are, what would you say? An elevator pitch is a powerful networking tool, and even as a finance professional it can benefit you to develop your sort speech. Here are 4 tips to get you started.

Can You Tell if Your Team is Overworked?

Are you noticing signs around the office that your team is restless or dissatisfied? They may be exhibiting behavior that demonstrates stress, such as short tempers or excessive sick days. They may be missing important deadlines or unable to work with coworkers effectively. All of these are signs that your staff is overworked. Once you begin to recognize these signs, it’s critical that you step in and do something about it. Here are some tips to help you alleviate stress in the workplace.

Don’t Dread Your Employee Review

Your heart races, your palms are sweaty. You have had countless conversations with your manager, but nothing is as panic-inducing as your annual performance review. But it is important to note you’re your manager can be just as anxious during this meeting as you are. But an effective employee review can be a great thing for you and your boss. So before you enter your next meeting, keep some of these tips in mind to make it go smoothly.

Are You Asking Accounting Candidates The Right Questions?

When you’re interviewing a candidate for an accounting job in your firm, there are certainly important questions about their skills and experience that you will need to address. But that isn’t all you should know about your candidates before you make a hiring decision. What about their soft skills or other background that they can bring to the table in your firm? Here are 3 questions that will help you get to the bottom of things and make sure you’re learning the right information.

Recruiting Insight: Top Tips To Get Hired

So what are recruiters looking for when they’re sourcing new candidates for their open positions? Obviously some of it comes down to having the right skills and experience, but there is more than that. With all things equal, a recruiter will have to base their decisions on other factors. This leads to an evaluation or soft skills and other personal traits that are appealing for the hiring companies. So how can you demonstrate that you’re the right fit for a new position? Here are some tips to help you get a call back from that recruiter.

Transferable Skills: How To Change Industries in Your Career

Are you looking to change careers? It sounds scarier than it really is if you consider your transferable skills. What is a transferable skill? This is knowledge and ability you possess in your current career that can be re-positioned to apply to a new industry. Don’t let a lack of experience be your barrier to a new job. Look at these ways your experience can apply to a new opportunity. Let’s take a closer look at some common examples.

VincentBenjamin GiVBack Program

The VincentBenjamin giVBack Program is a companywide initiative to support our communities and those less fortunate and provides a powerful example of volunteerism to our close networks, clients and collogues. The VincentBenjamin giVBack Program is the perfect complement to our company culture and gives our team a way to interact in a totally authentic way. During giVBack events, we are human b...

Boost Your IT Job Search Confidence

Confidence may be the foundation on which you can build a successful IT career. Recruiters and hiring managers believe that confidence can outweigh skills in some circumstances. Even extremely competent candidates who aren’t confident in their abilities may have trouble finding the right opportunity. Knowing that confidence is essential, how do you improve yours to ensure you’re putting the best foot forward? Here are a few ways you can boost your job search confidence and land your next IT job.

Are You The Perfect Candidate? Make a Company Want to Hire You

Have you been looking for a new job this year? Searching for work can be frustrating if you’ve found yourself on the job market longer than you anticipated. But when the perfect job posting comes along and appears custom written just for you, what you do next will be exceptionally important. What do you do when you know you’re the perfect candidate for a job? Here’s how to show a company that they need to contact you.

Top 4 Goals for Your IT Career

There are a lot of things you can do with your experience in IT. And, depending on what you enjoy doing, you should position your long term goals in the right direction for you. There are many career paths in IT, such as programming, sales, or management. So what is it that you want to do? Here are the top 4 goals for you to consider for your IT career and how to make them happen.

Reduce Your Overall Work Stress Levels With These Tips

You probably know that stress is a leading cause of chronic heart conditions. Uncontrolled, stress can lead to a variety of physical ailments. Stress happens for a lot of reasons, and it isn’t always bad. Stress developed as a survival instinct in humans to keep us alive in our earliest evolution. But early man wasn’t expecting job stress to become a problem in their lives. Stress can start suddenly when you feel overwhelmed or it can build over time. So learning to cope with stress is essential for long term health and wellbeing. Here are just a few tips to help you relax and avoid stress in your day to day life.

Attract Better Candidates With These Out of the Box Ideas

Your recruiting process is only as good as the results. When you hire the right person, there is a sense of satisfaction as well as the productivity and success that comes with having the best employee in each role in your company. But hiring isn’t as simple as going back to the same well that produced your last best employee. If you’re beginning to see a decline in the quality of candidates responding to your posts, there may be some out of the box things you can do to improve the process. Here are some things to consider.

Top 5 Apps to Improve Your Finance Career

Technology has changed the landscape of the typical accounting industry job. Finance professionals now have instant access to online and digital tools to help their own career and their clients. They can also give a job seeker tools to stay on top of current trends in the industry. Here are the top 5 apps we recommend to accounting professionals to improve your financial career.

Does Giving Back Make You A Better Employee?

Many employees believe that working for a company with a strong community involvement aspect is important. But how many employees are willing to walk the walk and give back to the community as well? If you’ve been thinking about volunteering or contributing to a local organization, think about the ways giving back can help make you a better employee. What are some of the experiences you’ll gain by becoming active in the community?

Can Learning a New Skill Make You More Marketable?

Have you thought about returning to school? Throughout your career you’ve probably wondered if continued education, an advanced degree, or other educational goal can help you succeed in your chosen field. There are several advantages to learning new skills that can allow you to advance. Here are a few things you can add to your knowledge base to help you get ahead in your career.

Tips for the Most Successful Onbaording Program

The numbers are rather staggering. Around 20% of new hires will leave their new job within 45 days of starting and 4% indicate that it was the impression and experience of their very first that influenced their decision to leave. Hiring top employees and retaining them should be the number one priority of any organization, so the right onboarding process is critical to ensuring employee success. Here are 4 tips to help you create a successful onboarding program in your company.

Find Your Dream Job: How to Look for Hidden Opportunities

You’ve already taken the easy steps to finding your next job, so what happens now? So many other job seekers have followed the same steps that not everyone can achieve their dream job with these conventional strategies. With everyone vying for the same opportunities, your competition is stiff. So how do you find the jobs that not everyone else has access to? There is an entire hidden world of jobs available, you just have to know where to look. Here are some tips to find your next dream job in the most unlikely places.

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