Why Partnering with a Staffing Firm Gives You More Bang for Your Buck

Your company can save money though the hiring process by working with a staffing agency to help you fill your open positions. Why? The cost of hiring is high, especially when it comes to additional training or the cost of missed business while you’re filling the job. Working with a staffing firm can expedite the process and incorporate the cost into the service. Here are some of the reasons part...

Questions You Should Ask an Accounting Firm before Accepting the Offer

If you’ve been in the job market for any length of time, you may be ready to accept the next offer that comes your way. But accepting any offer isn’t as advantageous to your career as making sure you’re accepting the right offer. How do you know it is right for you? If an accounting firm is interested in your credentials, experience, and personality enough to make you an offer, it is imperative that you turn the tables and ask them some pretty important questions before saying yes. Here are some questions you should be asking.

4 Ways to Fall in Love With Your Career Again

Happy Valentine’s Day! Love is in the air and you may be feeling a little euphoric on chocolate today, but have you stopped to think about what Valentine’s Day means for your career. Have you been feeling like you’re in a slump? Have the winter blues impacted your day-to-day work? What if you could fall in love with your career all over again? Before you end this Valentine’s Day and go home to your sweetheart and family, consider these 4 ways you can improve your happiness on the job.

Do You Have a Work from Home Policy in Place?

Working from home is becoming an increasingly popular choice for professionals at all levels. Remote working has a lot of benefits for both employers and employees, but only if done responsibly. It can lower the cost of overhead and allow employees to avoid a commute and be more efficient. Work from home options also increase overall satisfaction. But, it can be a risk if not managed correctly. Do you have a work from home policy in place? Here are several things to consider to make it successful for everyone.

IT Careers: What Should You Know About the Gig Economy

The IT industry is going through a transformation. If you’ve heard about the “gig economy” but aren’t sure what that means or even if it applies to you, here is some inside information. The Gig Economy isn’t new, but it is gaining steam with today’s job seekers. If you’re thinking about joining the Gig Economy as a technology professional, what do you need to know?

Expanding Networks: What to Look for When Choosing a Recruiter

Have you considered working with a recruiter to help you find your next opportunity? If you’ve never thought about this before, the process can feel daunting. How do you choose the right staffing agency to help you advance your career goals? Before you decide, consider some of these tips to find a recruiter who can assist your job search.

How to Negotiate Pay and Benefits

Money can be complicated. It can also be emotional. It is difficult to separate the feelings around money from what they represent. But there is a time where it is imperative that you take a bold step forward and be willing to discuss money. That is when you’re discussing your salary with a potential employer.

5 Questions to Uncover the Truth in a Candidate Interview

Interviewing is hard work. And when you meet with multiple candidates for the same job, sometimes things can be too good to be true. How do you know when a candidate is lying? What happens if that seemingly perfect candidate has holes in their story or, worst case scenario, gets hired and is unable to perform the job? There are some specific interview questions that can help you uncover the truth. Here are the top 5 to add to your interviewing process.

Why Your LinkedIn Profile Matters

There is plenty of information available about using LinkedIn, but very little indicates why it is so important. Experts will happily tell you how to maximize your profile so you get noticed by all the right employers. Is it really the top network for employers and job seekers? Does having the profile completed and searchable really make a difference? Why should you care about LinkedIn? Here are a couple of reasons to consider for ensuring that your LinkedIn profile is current and complete.

VincentBenjamin named among the winners of Staffing Industry Analysts’ 2017 Best Staffing Firms to Work For award sponsored by Monster

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact: Gretchen Pahia 602-309-4286 or gretchen@mediabyconnection.com VincentBenjamin, Recruiting, Consulting & Staffing Agency named among the winners of Staffing Industry Analysts’ 2017 Best Staffing Firms to Work For award sponsored by Monster (Phoenix, AZ – January 16, 2017) – VincentBenjamin, a leader in providing finance, accounting and IT work...

5 Things to Look for In a Job Offer

The most satisfying moment in a job search is the receipt of a job offer. But how do you know if this offer, and this job, is the right one for you? Before you accept, it is important that you consider all the reasons to take this job or move on to the next potential opportunity. Many people believe that if they turn down an offer they are putting themselves in a bad position, but accept a job offer that isn’t right will have the same effect. Before you accept the next job, look for these 5 things.

5 Secrets from Hiring Managers

Every job seeker knows that in order to land the next great opportunity in their career, they need to impress the hiring manager. But that is sometimes easier said than done and many hiring managers are complete mysteries that can’t quite be puzzled out. So how do you make the right impression? Here are 5 secrets from hiring managers that will help you know how to conduct your communications and make the best impression.

What Are the Top Video Interviewing Mistakes?

Video interviewing has become popular over the last several years and is only going to gain more followers in 2017. The idea behind video interviewing, using conference software such as Skype, is to allow more face-to-face interaction with a remote candidate or allow for the consideration of candidates willing to relocate. With so many companies relying on video interviewing, job seeker’s need to be aware of the biggest pitfalls in order to avoid them. Here are the top mistakes people make in video interviews and what you can do to steer clear.

Mentors for Your IT Career: How to Find and Work With Them

If you’ve ever heard just one piece of career advice it may have been about finding a mentor to help you polish your path. But how do you go about finding a mentor in Information Technology and what happens once you have them in your contact list? There are plenty of reasons you should be working with a mentor, but it will only be beneficial if you know the right ways to go about cultivating this relationship. Here are some tips for finding and working with an IT mentor.

A Gen-Xer’s Guide to Working for Millennials

Recently, we shared information for millennial workers to better work with their Gen-X Managers. But that isn’t the only potential generational dynamic in the workplace. For those of us in Generation-X, how do we work with managers who are younger than us, sometimes significantly so. It can seem frustrating when you feel like you should be in charge of your manager rather than the other way around. So how do you cope, and thrive, with a millennial manager? Here are some tips to help.

Is Your Accounting Firm Ready for Tax Season?

Now that the holiday season is over, we can relax, right? Well, for any business that is primarily working in the accounting and finance industry, the first of the year means the start of tax season, so it is anything but relaxing. Between January and April, tax professionals are working hard for individual and corporate clients. So is your accounting firm ready to tackle tax season? Here are some tips to help you stay ahead of the game.

New Year, New Career: Kickstart your 2017 Job Search

2017 is going to be your year! And with the New Year, comes a new opportunity to find the right job for you. If you’re ready to make a big change this year, there are some things you can do to make it even better. Even if you’ve been on the job market for longer than you planned or anticipated, don’t feel discouraged. Now is the time re-energize and renew your goals. Here are some techniques that can help you when searching for a new job in 2017.

5 Career Education Goals to Set for 2017

It isn’t all colored lights and tasty sweets this time of year. For many of us, looking forward into 2017 is an important part of our professional development. One aspect you can control in regards to your marketability as a candidate or to encourage development in your current job is continued education. So what educational goals should you be setting for 2017? Here are some things to consider to expand your knowledge and advance your careers.

Holiday Parties: How They Can Represent Your Company Culture

As the song goes, this is the season to be jolly. And many companies work hard to ensure that they provide a fantastic year-end experience to their staff in the form of a holiday party. Whether your company prefers a small, intimate gathering or a huge formal blow-out will be largely dependent on your overall office culture. What is important is understanding just exactly how your office party can reflect who you are as a business and project your image to employees and their families. Here are some tips to ensure that your company party perfectly echoes your corporate culture.

Avoiding Stress this Holiday Season

It is that time of year again to spread holiday cheer. Time to listen to Christmas carols in every store and bake cookies. Time to buy presents, and wrap them. Decorate your home, go to school holiday events, and attend the office holiday party. It is truly a wonder that people have any time at all around the holidays.

That’s why December can be a stressful time for many.

Before you give in to feeling stressed and out of control this holiday season, consider these ways you can reduce your stress and be happier and healthier through the end of 2016.

The Power of Storytelling in an Interview

You know the drill when it comes to interviewing for the job. You dress professionally, bring your resume, prepare a few questions of your own to ask, and answer the questions about your experience. But could this format be missing a spark that could change the entire course of the conversation for the better. Storytelling is an important part of human interaction. It is the way we connect with one another. And experts are finding that telling your story, rather than just answering questions, can give you the advantage that you need to be hired. Before you approach your next interview in a clinical fashion, consider adding these storytelling techniques to your tool belt to impress the interviewer and land the job.

Building Your Personal Brand for Your Finance Career

You may have heard about the need to build your personal brand online, but as a financial professional you may have also disregarded that information. Is it really necessary for someone in finance or accounting to have a personal brand? While you’re looking for work or trying to advance your career, your personal brand could be barrier between what you want and how to get it. Consider these simple things you can do today to build your personal brand and make yourself stand out as a stellar financial candidate.

Is Seasonal Work Right For You?

It’s December, and that means the Holidays are on their way. If you’re not working, you might be considering short term assignments for the month of December. But how do you know if seasonal work is right for you? Here are some things to consider before reaching out to an agency or accepting that temp job this December.

A Millennial’s Guide to Working for a Gen-X Boss

Generations in the workplace is a fascinating subject. With Baby Boomers hanging on for a later retirement and Millennials continuing to rise in numbers, the next generation is also coming of age in 2017. But there is still one other generation in the middle of the modern employment ecosystem: Generation X. And, in many cases, the 20-30-something millennials are struggling to learn how to work who bosses who were once considered part of the slacker generation. This stereotype couldn’t be further from the truth, so learning how to work with Gen-X is an important skill for younger employees to have. Here is a quick essential guide to working for your Gen-X boss.

Top 5 IT Jobs for 2017

Are you ready to start looking for a new IT job or start a new career in the New Year? So, what is hot in information technology for 2017? If you’re considering a change of scenery or just ideas to boost your current career and education, here are some of the areas in technology you may want to consider.

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