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Five Questions to Assess a Candidate’s Fit for Your Company

While assessing a candidate’s hard skills is certainly a primary goal of the interview process, there is more to determining whether they will be a great fit than technical ability. Cultural fit is often just as important as it is typically a strong indicator of a job seeker’s potential for success within the organization. If you need to assess a candidate for cultural fit, here are five qu...

Boost Your Employees’ Productivity by Enhancing Workplace Flexibility

Every company wants to maintain a productive workplace, and that often consists of having the best and brightest employees possible on your staff. However, it can be challenging to secure top talent in today’s highly competitive market, making it necessary for employers to go the extra mile to attract and retain the strongest workforce. Workplace flexibility has become increasingly important ...

How the Blockchain Revolution is Changing the Cybersecurity Industry

Thanks to the meteoric rise of Bitcoin, the quintessential cryptocurrency that made headlines all throughout 2017, more people than ever have heard of blockchain. While blockchain certainly has its roots in cryptocurrency, it is also being explored for its potential outside of that particular arena. The technology is prized for its ability to increase security, thanks to its distributed ledger ...

Three Ways to Showcase Your Workplace Culture

If you’ve been in a management role in the past few years, you’ve likely had some serious conversations about workplace culture. With unemployment remaining low, and candidates putting a greater emphasis on cultural fit, companies who ignore the trend will be hard-pressed to secure the talent they need to continue seamless operations. This means that businesses need to find mechanisms for s...

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Talent Managers

Let’s face facts; identifying top talent can be a challenging endeavor, and the skills required to handle the task effectively go well beyond simply reading resumes. Highly effective talent managers bring far more to the table than just a knowledge of job postings and application screening; they also have certain habits that allow them to excel as professionals. At VincentBenjamin, we don’t...

Are You Letting Unconscious Bias Affect Your IT Hiring Decisions?

Hiring bias is something rarely talked about but is a common problem that impacts companies whether they notice it or not. While you may fully grasp that a lack of diversity impacts your IT department on a larger scale, you may not notice how your unconscious bias is affecting the choices you make when hiring. Unconscious bias occurs when you make decisions based on factors that don’t appear discriminatory. For example, you may decide not to hire someone with a certain personality type because you had a bad experience in the past, but that can affect your entire process, and the experience and quality of candidates. But how do you learn to eliminate your unconscious bias from your decision making process when hiring for your IT department? Here are a few things to consider.

Hiring Manager Tips: Designing Questions to Uncover Genius

When you’re seeking talented professionals to add to your team, you won’t be satisfied with just a body in a seat. You want someone with skills, ability, and creativity to bring something new to the table. You’re looking for a genius.

But how can you give everyone an opportunity to shine in an interview and yourself the best chance of picking the superstar? Here are 10 question categories you use to design questions that uncover hidden genius.

Can You Tell if Your Team is Overworked?

Are you noticing signs around the office that your team is restless or dissatisfied? They may be exhibiting behavior that demonstrates stress, such as short tempers or excessive sick days. They may be missing important deadlines or unable to work with coworkers effectively. All of these are signs that your staff is overworked. Once you begin to recognize these signs, it’s critical that you step in and do something about it. Here are some tips to help you alleviate stress in the workplace.

Are You Asking Accounting Candidates The Right Questions?

When you’re interviewing a candidate for an accounting job in your firm, there are certainly important questions about their skills and experience that you will need to address. But that isn’t all you should know about your candidates before you make a hiring decision. What about their soft skills or other background that they can bring to the table in your firm? Here are 3 questions that will help you get to the bottom of things and make sure you’re learning the right information.

Attract Better Candidates With These Out of the Box Ideas

Your recruiting process is only as good as the results. When you hire the right person, there is a sense of satisfaction as well as the productivity and success that comes with having the best employee in each role in your company. But hiring isn’t as simple as going back to the same well that produced your last best employee. If you’re beginning to see a decline in the quality of candidates responding to your posts, there may be some out of the box things you can do to improve the process. Here are some things to consider.

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