10 Ways to Spring Clean Your Job Search

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It is finally springtime. Snow is melting, the birds are singing, and the flowers are blooming! If hibernation was in your nature for the winter, now is the perfect time to crawl out from your den and face your job hunt with renewed energy. While cleaning your closet or washing your windows is easy, how exactly do you go about spring cleaning your career search? Here are 10 tips you can start using today.

  1. Your resume. When was the last time you updated your resume? A resume should be treated as a living document and updated whenever you have new accomplishments to share or customized for specific jobs. Take a look at what you have now and see where you can make improvements.
  2. Your internet reputation. Have you Googled yourself lately? First, log out of all online profiles so it doesn’t only pull sites it thinks you’ll prefer. Then, type in your full and professional name to see what comes up. This will give you an idea of what you can fix or bury online.
  3. Your work clothes. Okay, some career spring cleaning is physical spring cleaning. Have you checked your professional wardrobe lately? Get rid of anything you don’t wear or is outdated and keep only pieces that can work together.
  4. Your email. Is your inbox full of unanswered emails or just cluttered with spam and sales pitches? Get rid of everything you don’t need. Respond to anyone waiting for an answer. This will help you keep job search related emails from slipping through the cracks.
  5. Your work space. Whether you have a home office where you conduct your job search or you are currently employed, spring cleaning your work space will help you reorganize and focus on the things you really want to accomplish.
  6. Your goals. Speaking of accomplishments, have you reevaluated your goals lately? Where are you in your career? Where did you see yourself five years ago? Is your current job or trajectory heading in the right direction?
  7. Your LinkedIn. Since you’ve updated your resume it is also time to update your LinkedIn. Make sure your headline accurately describes who you are as a professional. Add media or blog posts. Challenge yourself to make several new connections a month.
  8. Your contacts and business cards. You probably also have a handful of business cards in your desk or portfolio from various networking events. Now is the time to go through those and make contact. Send an email to reintroduce yourself.
  9. Your continuing education. Spring is also a good time to learn new skills or enhance the ones you already have. Register for an upcoming class at the local university or online to make sure that your experience remains relevant to today’s job market.
  10. Your elevator pitch. Lastly, you want to have a good thirty second speech for when you meet new people to tell them what it is that you do and how you can be a benefit to them. The is, essentially, your personal mission statement.

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