How Technology Can Enhance Your Company’s Mentoring Program

Technology has fundamentally changed the human experience, allowing people from across the world to connect and share information. On a smaller scale, tech has revolutionized the workplace, promoting collaboration and communication by providing easy to use mechanisms for connecting.

Technology provides more avenues for communication in the professional space. Embracing these solutions can enhance the connections between members of your company dramatically. How can technology solutions help you offer a stronger mentoring program at work?

The Case for Mentoring

Millennials and younger members of the workforce consider mentoring a desirable benefit. It allows them to connect with other professionals who can help them navigate complex career paths and learn information that will be a benefit throughout their career.

Mentorship opportunities also benefit companies, allowing top performers to pass their knowledge on to the next generation. Mentoring also has a positive impact on retention, ensuring your best and brightest stay onboard for the long-term.

While more companies are offering mentorship arrangements to employees, some workers believe businesses fall short when it comes ongoing improvements to these programs. By embracing technology, you can improve the efficiency of your mentorship program, create more valuable connections between mentors and mentees, and boost retention even further.

Mentoring Program Technology

Effective mentor-mentee relationships begin with the initial match. The pair needs to have compatible career paths and personalities, as well as certain skills in common that can assist with growth. Mentoring program technology often takes a cue from online dating, helping to create better matches that lead to more meaningful relationships.

Typically, potential mentors and mentees complete profiles that outline their career levels, interests, goals, skills and hobbies. The information is then analyzed to see which mentors may be appropriate for a particular mentee.

A web interface allows the professionals to communicate, building a rapport while the potential of the relationship is being assessed. Then, with guidance from HR, the pair can mutually decide if the connection is beneficial and craft a plan to help the mentee excel.

Over time, the web interface continues to provide valuable by creating a simple conversation mechanism and assisting with progress tracking. The experience can always be further adjusted or personalized, allowing the pair to work together towards mutual success.

The Benefits of Mentoring Technology

Mentoring technology is a natural progression, allowing traditional learning platforms to evolve and encompass a new area. They create a singular platform for managing communications and facilitating the relationship, ensuring both parties can provide input that steers the experience into mutually beneficial territory.

These solutions are also highly convenient if you manage a distributed workforce. Whether you hire remote workers or simply operate from multiple locations, mentoring technology allows mentors and mentees in different buildings, cities, states, or even countries to connect. This can increase your programs overall reach and viability, ensuring everyone has access to this highly coveted benefit.

If you are interested in learning more about how technology can enhance your mentoring program, the skilled team at VB want to hear from you. Contact us to discuss your program’s goals today and see how our expertise can help you make them a reality.

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