Redeployment Can Be an Asset to Your Team in the Talent War

When your contract employee reaches the end of an assignment, what happens next? The employee was brought on for a defined time to manage a specific objective. If you’ve found a top-notch worker for your organization, what do you do to make sure they keep contributing to your team?

By examining a worker’s redeployment potential, you may be able to retain a skilled professional, allowing your team to benefit from a contingent worker who already knows the ropes. Redeployment is a tool that is underutilized by many organizations and can help you fill open positions quicker.

If you haven’t considered redeploying your contingent workers, here’s why you should.

Proven Capabilities

One of the biggest benefits of redeployment is taking advantage of a contingent employee’s demonstrated capabilities. Since the worker has been with your organization for weeks, months or even years depending on the length of their assignment, you have a solid idea of their skill level and experience. This means you can easily assess whether they are suitable for an upcoming position, either on a short-term or permanent basis, especially when compared to evaluating new candidates through your hiring process.

If you know a past employee can succeed in another role, then consider redeploying them into that position. Many short-term hires are open to redeployment, particularly if their experience with the company was positive.

Faster Hiring

When you redeploy a contingent worker, you can often forgo significant portions of your hiring process. For example, you likely don’t need to recontact references, conduct another background check, or put them through your onboarding process.

Additionally, you may be able to avoid a recruiting round altogether. Not only can this save you money, but it also saves you a substantial amount of time. You won’t have to craft job ads, screen resumes, or interview multiple candidates, as you already know someone who can perform the duties effectively.

Easier Moves

Many companies fear transitioning a contingent worker into another role, viewing it as a cumbersome process. With today’s technologies, shifting someone’s information into another position isn’t as difficult as it once was, especially if you partner with a recruitment agency as part of your contingent workforce management process.

Staffing companies can easily shift a contingent worker into a different job within your company, alleviating any administrative burden from your shoulders. This makes redeployment as simple as possible, ensuring you can remain productive and that the contingent employee is properly managed at all times.

Ultimately, redeployment can be a powerful tool, especially in today’s labor market. Not only do you retain access to a skilled professional that understands your business, but your team benefits from the employee’s previous experience as well.

If you are interested in learning more about effective redeployment strategies and how they can help your company manage their workforce efficiently, the professionals at VincentBenjamin can help. Contact us to discuss your hiring needs and goals today and see how our staffing services can benefit you.

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