What Skills Make for a Talented DevOps Engineer?

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DevOps is becoming an increasingly popular method for delivering software and security updates, driven by the increased level of efficiency surrounding the approach. As more companies embrace the methodologies, demand for skilled DevOps engineers is rising.

However, if you want to land one of these lucrative positions, you need to bring the right skills to the table. If you’re going to have a strong career as a DevOps engineer, here’s what it takes to succeed.

Tools and Technologies

While the DevOps landscape is continuously evolving, a broad understanding of certain technologies and tools is often considered essential. Ideally, this needs to encompass multiple areas including everything from source control to infrastructure automation to the cloud.

Automation is actually becoming increasingly important as businesses strive to reduce the time spent on tedious and highly repetitive manual tasks that are necessary but harm overall productivity. DevOps engineers are more commonly being tasked with creating scripts to automate specific tasks, often using languages like Bash, Python and Ruby.

Though the exact requirements will vary by position, experience with technologies like Git, Jenkins, Puppet, Chef, VSTS, Docker and Swarm are beneficial. Similarly, knowledge of AWS, GoogleCloud, Azure and OpenStack can help you stand out.


As companies continue to make system security a priority, having security training can help DevOps engineers create secure code that will protect applications from cyber threats. This helps speed the development cycle by making sure security is a consideration from the beginning and not something that has to be tacked on later in the process.


Strong testing skills are essential for DevOps engineers. Being able to test automation code and features before deployment is critical to uphold quality assurance standards, making it critical in nearly every stage of development.


DevOps engineers rarely work alone. Instead, they are part of a larger team, and being able to work effectively can make a significant difference when it comes to a project’s success. By focusing on the needs of the team instead of the individual, the entire group is more efficient. Additionally, it can result in a higher quality final product, as an improved group dynamic often makes the work environment less stressful.

User-Oriented Mindset

While DevOps engineers may not be in external-facing positions, they do have to keep the end user in mind. Ensuring that their needs are recognized increases the overall rate of success.

DevOps engineers need to make sure that providing value to the customer is always the focus, as this often yields more favorable results.

Ultimately, by focusing on the skills above, you can become a talented DevOps engineer, allowing you to potentially land a lucrative role in this exciting field. If you would like to learn more about what it takes to be a successful DevOps engineer or are seeking out new employment opportunities, the team at VB can help. Contact us to discuss your ideal career path today and see how our expertise can benefit you.

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