Making the Leap from Agile to DevOps

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In 2001, Agile began to shift the software development landscape. As a methodology, it promoted efficiency by breaking down large projects into manageable chunks, accelerating feedback loops and providing an innate level of flexibility and adaptability.

Over time, companies began to embrace Agile to speed up their development cycles. However, there was still room for improvement. This led to the development of DevOps, a methodology that better integrates developers and operational teams, increasing overall efficiency.

As companies continue to rely more heavily on technology across all departments, DevOps has become increasingly valuable as an approach. If you are ready to make the leap from Agile to DevOps, here’s how to get started.

Promote Cultural Changes

Moving from Agile to DevOps isn’t as much of a technical change as it is a cultural one. Since developers and operations need to align, getting everyone on the same page is essential. Without common values in areas like ownership and accountability, making the leap will be harder.

However, since Agile and DevOps have numerous similarities, the cultural shift isn’t usually extreme when it comes to processes. Instead, it is more about the people, as teams that weren’t typically as highly connected will now be working hand-in-hand on a frequent basis.

To promote cultural change, make sure to extoll the benefits of moving from Agile to DevOps. This can be anything from increased productivity and efficiency to enhanced reliability and better product quality.

Start Small, Then Scale

Ideally, you want to use an iterative approach when you shift from Agile to DevOps. Start with a small pilot program that features your core teams, allowing you to introduce the new paradigm to your best and brightest first. This gives you a chance to work out any issues on a reduced scale project instead of across the entire organization.

Essentially, you will be able to craft a strong foundation that includes your top performers. Then, as you progress forward, you’ll have a system in place to facilitate change as well as advocates who can tout their prior success and help lead the way.

Invest in the Right Tools and Technologies

Both Agile and DevOps rely on infrastructure technologies and a variety of tools, including those that help manage and organize workflows. Without the right ones, achieving success is incredibly challenging, especially since DevOps embraces automation on a larger scale than Agile.

Examine your available tools and technologies to determine whether anything is lacking. If so, then focus on implementing the necessary changes that allow DevOps to be feasible.

Find the Right Professionals for Your DevOps Implementation

Overall, making the leap from Agile to DevOps doesn’t require a big jump. The methodologies have a lot in common, so much of the initial work is already done. If you are interested in learning more about how you can make a successful transition, the team at VB can answer any questions that may arise. Contact us to speak with one of our knowledgeable team members today and see how our IT expertise can benefit you.

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