Personal Branding 101: Preparing for Job Search Success in the New Year

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Your personal brand is a reflection of who you are, both as a person and a professional. By cultivating a strong reputation through personal branding, you shape the first impression others receive from you, which affects the opportunities you attract and your career success.

For many, figuring out how to build a personal brand is a challenge. However, it doesn’t have to be a daunting task. If you aren’t sure where to begin, here are some personal branding tips to get you started.

Create a Platform

To establish a personal brand, you’re going to need an online platform. This can include a website and various social media accounts, giving you places to share your perspective and establish your voice.

Ideally, when you build a website, you want your own domain, preferably your name. However, if your name isn’t incredibly unique, you may need to explore variations, such as including a middle initial or opting for your full first name instead of what you usually go by in the workplace.

Know What You Bring to the Table

Your personal brand needs to highlight what you have to offer. This means you need to understand your strengths and narrow down an area of expertise, giving you the ability to focus your message in a way that attracts potential employers.

Essentially, you want to craft a value proposition that showcases what you do best and how that can benefit companies. Understand precisely what you can do and why organizations may need your expertise so that can be the focus on your website and social media accounts.

Demonstrate Your Knowledge

If you want to catch a company’s attention, you can’t just tell them you know something; you need to show them. This can involve anything from curating an online portfolio, creating blog posts on relevant topics or even recording videos where you provide insights into your area of expertise.

This allows you to increase your level of exposure and cement yourself as a subject-matter expert. Just make sure every piece of content aligns with your niche and brand. Otherwise, your core message gets muddied, making it harder for potential employers to assess what you have to offer and how you can provide them with value.

Always Be Yourself

As you build your personal brand, you need to establish your own style. Don’t worry about what the crowd is doing. Instead, allow your professional personality to shine through by embracing what makes you unique.

When you are cultivating a personal brand, following in the footsteps of others isn’t the ideal way to begin. After all, following someone else’s path means you are always one step behind, so don’t be afraid to deviate if the content aligns with your core message and respects your values.

Put Your Personal Brand Forward in the Job Hunt Process

By following the tips above, you can embrace the power of personal branding and begin establishing your reputation. If you’d like to learn more, the skilled team at VB can help. Contact us to discuss your professional goals with one of our staff members and see how our personal branding expertise can benefit you.

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