Five Top Tech Trends to Watch For in 2019

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Each year signals the beginning of new trends. In 2019, the technology world is poised to make major strides, both in the implementation of innovative solutions and the introduction of new developments that will drive technology in the years to come.

By staying aware of the strongest tech trends, you can poise your business to take advantage of the emerging systems. Here are the top five tech trends to watch in 2019.

1. Augmented Analysis

Companies are continually looking for opportunities to derive more value from their data. Augmented analysis uses machine learning to transform the development, consumption, and sharing of analytics content, providing automated insights that will enhance current data science processes and solutions.

Additionally, it will make data science more accessible, giving those who work outside of the field more access to the power of analytics. This gives companies the opportunity to overcome skill gaps in the data science teams and allow their experienced professionals to focus on tasks that require a higher level of expertise.

2. Blockchain

While traditionally associated with bitcoin, blockchain offers far more than just the ability to support digital currency transactions. The distributed ledger technology could revolutionize record keeping and tracking, creating highly secure databases that are easily shared.

Blockchain has a long way to go but will likely make significant strides over the course of the year.

3. Immersive Experiences

Technologies like virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are changing how people interact with the world around them. They allow for a shift in perception along with the ability to engage with digital objects, creating immersive experiences to facilitate learning, development and more.

Essentially, technologies like VR and AR are redefining what the “computer” is, creating options that abandon the individual device approach and either bring tech into the everyday world in a broader way or allow for the creation of fully virtual experiences.

4. Smart Spaces

Smart spaces are another take on interactive environments, usually through the use of alternative means to interact with a room or area. They rely on intelligent ecosystems that can create highly connected and coordinated environments, something that can boost efficiency and convenience.

Effectively, smart spaces are the next step, coming after smart devices. Interconnectedness will be expanded, allowing more technology to effectively communicate and ensuring people and tech can work together efficiently.

5. Internet of Things (IoT)

An increasing number of connected devices is entering the workplace. The ability to monitor systems and process remotely is increasing at a rapid rate, as well as the ability to use the technologies to gather data about customer use of products and services.

While IoT has been part of the landscape for some time, edge computing and the expansion of 5G increase its capabilities. Companies that leverage IoT properly will be poised for gains through better data collection, the nature of which will depend on the industry and the organization’s goals.

Ready for the Next Step in Your Tech Career?

Ultimately, all the trends listed above should be on your radar in 2019. Are you ready to find new tech opportunities where you get to work on the cutting edge of 2019’s new development? If you would like to learn more, the recruiters at VincentBenjamin can help. Contact us to start your search for tech opportunities in Phoenix, Los Angeles, Orange County and Denver.

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