What Tech Jobs Are on the Rise in 2019?

Technology evolves at a seemingly ever-increasing rate, creating new opportunities for businesses to thrive and IT professionals to advance their career. By understanding which technologies are on the rise, you can shape your career to take advantage of emerging specialties or increased demand in specific fields.

If you are wondering which tech jobs are attracting attention in 2019, here is what you need to know.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been making headlines for several years, and demand for professionals who can work with the technology is not slowing down. While AI is increasingly present in today’s workplaces, it is still a fledgling technology in many ways, and there are not enough professionals with skills to make the most of what AI has to offer to go around.

Since AI can support automation, a hot topic in the business world, the growth of AI-related job opportunities could accelerate in 2019 and well beyond. Some experts even believe AI skills will rival data science in regards to demand, showing just how much potential the field holds.

Machine Learning

A subset of AI, machine learning is also making waves in numerous industries. It allows computer systems to learn new capabilities, enabling them to exceed the potential of their initial programming.

Like AI, there is a lack of skilled professionals in the machine learning field. As demand increases, potentially lucrative opportunities will appear at a faster rate, making it a smart addition to any tech professional’s skill set.

Robotic Process Automation

Another technology designed to automate a variety of tasks, robotic process automation (RPA) allows companies to increase accuracy and efficiency which, as a result, enhances profitability. RPA gives organizations the option of using software to automate business processes, such as managing transactions, handling data, and even replying to customer inquiries.

By acquiring RPA skills, you can position yourself as an in-demand professional, allowing you to have a successful career in an emerging field.


Commonly associated with Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency, but with far more potential, blockchain technology is a recordkeeping system that could have a future in numerous industries, including finance, healthcare, and more.

The records created with blockchain cannot be altered and are easily shared with other organizations, making it secure and convenient. As the use of the technology continues to increase and more industries learn to harness its potential, the number of available positions will only keep going on an upward trend. If you add blockchain to your repertoire, you could find exciting job opportunities in 2019 and well beyond.

If you are looking for a new tech job in 2019, including in the specialty areas above, the team at VincentBenjamin can help you evaluate your options. Contact us to discuss your career goals with one of our experienced staff members today and see how our job search knowledge or current openings can benefit you.

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