3 Changes For a more Productive Workspace

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Did you know that your desk, and your entire workplace, can have as much to do with your success as your overall skills or drive? Organization is key. Without it, many professionals find that they are spending more time determining what to do rather than doing it. If you want to improve your overall performance, now is a good time of year to look at your desk, office, or other workspaces and make some improvements. Here’s how!

  1. Arm’s length. Successful and organized people have the same thing in common. They don’t leave their desk cluttered with items they don’t use regularly. Keep only thing things you use on a daily basis within your reach. Anything else should be put away after each use. For example, you may only need your computer, a note pad, a calendar, and a pen.
  2. Natural lighting. If you have any control over the positioning of your desk or office, make sure that you have access to the best, most natural, light possible. Fluorescent lights may have been the worst invention for the modern workplace. They’re harsh and they glare and they don’t help productivity in the least. The sun is your best option.
  3. Comfortable chair. It is also critical that your workspace has the right chair for both comfort and productivity. Make sure you can sit with your back straight, your feet planted on the ground, and your eyes level with your computer screen. This also means that the placement of your computer is just as important. And, if you can, give yourself options to incorporate standing into your workday.

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