2014 Trends: These Hot Accounting Jobs Could Transform Your Career

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Are you in the market for a new accounting job? Maybe you’re finishing up your accounting degree and are wondering what the next step is for you in your career. What are the top accounting jobs in 2014? Here are three that you may want to consider if you’re looking for a new position.

  • Staff and Senior Accountants. Staff accountants are generally responsible for the accounting functions within a small or medium sized business. A BS degree in accounting is required and the Senior Accountant title can be granted to a staff accountant with several years’ experience. Knowledge of Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP, software is extremely beneficial. According to Glassdooor.com a staff accountant can expect an average salary of $48,000 annually depending on their location. Senior accountants with more experience can see salaries closer to $65,000.
  • Manager Level Accountants. In the natural progression of an accounting career staff and senior accountants often move on to management roles where they interface directly with clients. Much of this role involves managing entire projects and an accounting staff so experience is expected. Accounting managers need to have a very diverse finance background and the more experience they have in the field the more they will be sought out by companies looking for talent in this role. The average annual salary is around $74,000.
  • Internal auditors and public accountants. Candidates who seek out their CPA will qualify for internal auditing and public accounting positions. This is a highly competitive career with companies vying for fewer candidates than they have jobs available. The experience gained in a role like this will be invaluable for future career choices. It is extremely important that internal auditors and public accountants have excellent people skills as they are client facing positions. An individual in one of these roles can expect an average salary of $70,000.

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