The 3 Greatest IT Opportunities of 2014

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Information Technology is hopping right now. Individuals with advanced tech skills are being sought after in a number of different fields to help companies progress into the digital and information business age. Here are three hot IT jobs you should consider when deciding how to focus your skills and your career.

  • Business Intelligence Designers. There is a lot of complicated tech speak when it comes to today’s increased use of computers. A Business Intelligence Designer takes this information and transforms it into facts and data that company leaders can use to move their organizations forward. This type of role requires advanced IT experience and the knowledge and communications skills to disseminate it for others to easily follow.
  • DevOps for mobile and cloud. DevOps, which is short for Development and Operations, is a software development method which emphasizes the communication and collaboration between software developers and IT professionals. The current best application for this type of role is in mobile and cloud computing. As more and more people are accessing information directly through their handheld devices, mobile apps are going to be the best way for businesses to connect to their customer base.
  • Information Security. InfoSec is not a new role within technology companies but it is becoming increasingly more important. Information Security professionals work to stop unauthorized access to critical information. Some companies utilize outsourced InfoSec professionals while others will hire in-house specialists. This type of service is especially important to governments, the military, financial institutions, and corporations.

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