3 Reasons to Ask Questions During Your Next IT Interview

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Most IT job seekers view an interview as a chance for the hiring manager to learn more about them. While this is certainly true, it also offers another opportunity; a chance for candidates to find out additional details about the company.

Near the end of practically every interview, the interviewee is given an opportunity to ask their own questions. Failing to seize this opportunity is usually a mistake, as not asking questions can backfire. If you are wondering why you should ask questions during your next IT interview, here are three reasons why having a few at the ready is a good idea.

  1. Questions Show You Are Interested

In most cases, a job seeker who isn’t enthusiastic about the role isn’t going to take the time to develop any questions. Whether they don’t bother preparing them in advance or don’t care to learn anything more as the interview draws to a close, not asking questions makes a job seeker seem less interested in the position.

By asking thoughtful questions, you show your interest in the job. You were engaged enough to think of a few specifics you wanted to know more about, which reflects positively on you.

  1. Questions Demonstrate Your Level of Research

If you prepare your questions in advance, you showcase the fact you have researched the company before the interview. As long as you are trying to find out details that aren’t widely accessible (such as information that isn’t posted on the organization’s website or social media pages) and use tidbits from your research in your questions, you can show the hiring manager you went the extra mile.

For example, asking the hiring manager to describe the company’s goals isn’t going to be a smart move. Usually, organizations publish their mission and values somewhere on their websites.

However, asking how this particular role will help the company reach a specific goal could be a great option. This shows you’ve learned about the organization’s objectives and priorities and you want to understand how the job aligns with the larger mission, a point that may not be immediately clear depending on the nature of the work and what has been discussed during the interview.

  1. Questions Can Highlight Your Intelligence

By and large, intelligence is a quality any hiring manager will appreciate. By asking smart, thoughtful questions, you put your intelligence on display.

Plus, the questions clue the hiring manager in on your thought process. They also showcase your curiosity, which many people associate with overall intelligence.

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Ultimately, asking questions is always a good decision when you are interviewing. If you would like to find out more, the skilled professionals at VB can help. Contact us to speak with one of our recruiters today and see how our interviewing expertise can benefit you.

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