3 Ways to Find the Right Networking Group

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You’ve heard it dozens of times, “You should join a networking group.” But even if you’re one of the most extroverted people in the world, you may still need a push to help you find a group that is best suited to your need. Not every networking group is created equal. And while it may be useful to try as many as possible, it is not very practical. So how can you find the right networking group for you? Here are some tips to get you started.

  1. Check within your industry. Does your company invest in trade journals? These can provide ideas for venues. Or maybe your boss is connected to the greater industry community. Start by asking people you know where they go to meet others. Often the best networking is the simplest, which means it is frequently overlooked. Your boss will be happy to hear that you are interested in networking within the industry and will be happy to share information with you.
  2. Use common social networking sites. Next, online communities are a great place to find networking events to attend. Start with the basics including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. There will be industry groups as well as groups for your city or state that can help you find real live events. LinkedIn, for example, was created to be an online networking space but to also enhance face-to-face networking opportunities.
  3. Use uncommon social networking sites. Once you scour the typical websites, it is time to dive into other online community building tools. Craigslist, while it has a negative reputation in some circles, offers a community board where people can post about local gatherings. Meetup.com was designed to connect people with shared interests in their local community. EventBrite, which allows small venues and businesses to sell tickets for events can connect you to things like Ted Talks or Ignite events in your area.

What are some other ways to find the right networking group in your community? Contact VincentBenjamin to share your experience or talk to an expert today!