4 Expert Tips on How and When to Ask for a Promotion

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Do you feel like you deserve more responsibility in your office along with a bigger paycheck? If you wait for someone to offer you a promotion you may be waiting a long time. If you really want to prove your worth it may be time to talk to your boss about the possibility of taking on more and getting a raise. So, how do you ask for a promotion without making the wrong impression? The good news: it’s actually easier than you think!

  1. Understand the timing. While there is no “good time” to ask for a promotion, there are bad times. For example, if you’ve only been employed with the company for a few months you should probably wait to get more experience under your belt before coming to your boss with a proposal.
  2. Don’t make it about money. While a promotion often goes hand in hand with a higher salary, if you focus too much on money your request may backfire. Instead, put together a proposal regarding the promotion that you want and the additional duties you can perform. After you’ve discussed all the possibilities with your boss you can bring up salary.
  3. Recognize opportunities. If a position in your company becomes available, don’t waste time asking to be considered. Talk to your boss right away about your desire to take on that role. A company will save money hiring from within rather than using an outside recruiting source. This is true even if they provide a raise in salary for the transition. You could be the perfect solution.
  4. Avoid mistakes when asking for a promotion. When you do talk to your boss about a possible promotion there are some things you shouldn’t do. Don’t ask for a promotion for the sake of asking. If it isn’t a fit with your long term goals, wait for something that is. Don’t expect that a promotion will fix a dissatisfying work experience. Evaluate if you are truly unhappy with your current job or if you’re dissatisfaction is with the company as a whole. Don’t make the conversation one sided. Be sure that the arrangement includes benefits for your boss and company.

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