4 Questions to Ask to Find Your Financial Niche

You may think that all financial positions are cookie cutter jobs, but that can’t be further from the truth. Accountants and financial professionals have as much diversity in their careers as any other industry, and they touch every aspect of business. Are you trying to find the right niche within the financial sector? Here are some questions you can ask yourself to determine what works for your future career.

  1. Are you introverted or extroverted? Many people imagine that accountants and financial professionals are wallflowers happier behind the scenes than facing customers. While this can certainly be true, it isn’t a foregone conclusion. There are different career paths for individuals who want to be in finance but are more outgoing than their introverted counterparts.
  2. What do you like to learn? For the most part, anyone wanting to be a part of the financial industry should have a bachelor’s degree. Business and finance is the most logical choice, but economics, statistics, or math also have their place. However, those aren’t the only options. Financial technology is becoming very marketable and if you like this aspect a tech degree can help long term.
  3. What was your past experience? If you’re thinking about transitioning from one career to another, consider your transferable skills to determine the best ways to transition into the financial sector. Most people don’t notice that their previous experience has accounting applications. What did you like doing most in your last job that leads to believe that finance is a good option?
  4. Do you want to work for yourself or someone else? Lastly, finance and accounting jobs typically take on two appearances. Either you work for yourself as a CPA or tax preparer, or you work for a corporation within their accounting or finance departments. Each has pros and cons, but your decision will largely depend on your personal and what you want to do with your career. When you work for yourself you will also have to act as your own customer service and sales department.

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