4 Reasons to Look for Leadership Skills in New Hires

Hiring managers have a difficult task. When reviewing and evaluating candidates for open positions, they need to determine the fit based on both skill and personality. So why should a hiring manager put a priority on hiring someone who demonstrates leadership ability? Being a leader is a different set of skills than just management, and hiring a leader can provide a company long term benefits. Let’s take a closer look at the reasons for making this hiring decision.

  1. Increased employee loyalty. Hiring individuals with strong leadership skills improves your company’s overall retention. Why? You may think that leaders will want to move on faster to find the next level, but the opposite is true. Someone who is pursuing management may have these desires, but management and leadership are two different skill sets and leaders tend to be loyal. They want to see your company succeed and help it happen.
  2. Ability to delegate and participate. There is a reason the word “boss” has been used to describe an authoritative leader. Boss is both a noun and a verb. But leading requires a different approach. Someone with leadership skills knows how to balance delegating with getting involved in a way that doesn’t undermine or second guess the rest of the team.
  3. Relationship building skills. This ability to delegate also provides insight into a leader’s skill with relationship building. A leader is someone generally respected and liked by the individuals working with them. They are good at developing relationships that enhance the company bond and productivity rather than inciting or planting seeds of discontent.
  4. Focus on long term development. Finally, a leader is someone who can look at the bigger picture. Instant gratification is not their only motivation. They want to ensure that projects, employees, and the company as a while succeeds in the long term rather than simply functioning on a cycle of deliverables and measurable.

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