4 Tips For Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile

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Your LinkedIn profile is one of the best professional tools you have at your fingertips. The fact that it’s free is an added bonus. Far too many job seekers ignore the site all together because they’re not really sure how to optimize their profiles. Before you decide that LinkedIn isn’t right for you, try these tips to improve your profile and start making the right connections.

  1. Edit your headline. A LinkedIn headline defaults to your current job title, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. Edit it to better reflect what you need. For example: “Accounting Specialist | 15 Years’ Experience with Cost Accounting, General Ledger, and Bookkeeping.”
  2. Add links, photos, and other media. LinkedIn also offers users the ability to upload additional content such as slide shows or links to projects. Include things that will demonstrate your skills to potential employers. This can become part of your online portfolio.
  3. Include data and stats. You’ve probably been told that your resume should include your accomplishments. In many ways, LinkedIn is an extension of your resume, so facts and figures are just as critical. You can have big accomplishments in your summary and scattered throughout your work experience. For example, “Saved the company over $10 million by developing a disaster recovery protocol for the IT department.”
  4. Ask for recommendations. References are still an important part of the job search, but some recruiters or hiring managers will start with your LinkedIn profile to see your recommendations. Ask your former bosses and coworkers to share their experiences with your work.

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