4 Tips to Be an Effective IT Manager

Making the transition from a hands-on technical role to management isn’t always an easy move. Managers have a very different skill set than their employee counterparts. But can you learn good management techniques to make the switch in your career easier? If you want to know the ways to be a more effective IT manager, here are our top tips.

  1. Develop strong listening skills. The first and most important skill to develop as a new manager is the ability to listen to your employees. Far too often, we listen only long enough to form a response. When you do this, you focus more on your own experience rather than better understanding what it is the other person is actually saying. Start with this change and you’ll find communication will be much easier.
  2. Keep up with your technical experience. Just because you’ve moved on to a non-tech position doesn’t mean that you need to abandon your experience. Keeping up with the latest technology is two-fold for an IT manager. It keeps you knowledgeable about any current projects and it helps you stay engaged with your own career. Don’t forget why you got into technology in the first place.
  3. Find a mentor. Management is a very different skill and you will have plenty to learn. Why not learn from someone who’s done it before? Finding a mentor is good advice for any stage of your career, but especially when you transition from tech to management. Connect with others in your community who have made the successful move in their careers and learn from their wisdom and mistakes.
  4. Avoid burn out in your career. Finally, just because you’re continuing to move up the corporate ladder doesn’t mean you’re exempt from the potential of career burn out. As much as you focus on your staff, make sure you are also focused on your long term happiness and stability. Learn to discern whether or not you’re just having a bad day or if your restlessness is indicative of something else.

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