4 Ways to Avoid FOMO at Work

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The business culture in the U.S. is always on the go. More hours means more work done which means more profit and the cycle continues. However, there have been some negative side effects that have emerged from this culture of busy-ness.

The “fear of missing out” or FOMO is not limited to our professional lives. As humans we often feel like we need to do it all. The FOMO phenomenon happens whenever we start thinking that other people are getting more out of life. It can apply to small things as well as big life decisions.

When it comes to work the effect can be disastrous.

While many people suggest that they simply miss the work they do or interactions with coworkers, the honest answer is far more complicated. When we’re not at the office we fear the company will realize our role is expendable. We fear we will have a harder time catching up after our return. These are serious problems that need to be addressed in the workplace because the alternative is devastating both personally and professionally. U.S. workers are not taking vacation time and burn out is prevalent.

So how do you avoid FOMO in the work place?

  1. Be happy for others. Instead of giving into envy learn to be truly happy for your coworkers. Learn from their experiences rather than brushing them off.
  2. Allow yourself to move past it. However, understand that envy is a normal feeling. Give yourself permission to explore your feelings but don’t dwell on them.
  3. Be present where you are. When you are out of the office concentrate on being fully present. Do the same in the office. This will provide the right steps for balance.
  4. Unplug and disconnect. Finally, if all else fails don’t be afraid to completely disconnect. Your workplace will be fine without you and they’ll be happy to have you back.

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