4 Ways to Write a Killer IT Cover Letter

For a period of time, the cover letter was considered a dead art. Recently, they have been revived. Why? Because recruiters and hiring managers were receiving dozens of cookie-cutter resumes and found that a cover letter was the only thing that helped candidates stand apart from their competition. In fact, IT is a highly competitive industry, so there is no reason that you shouldn’t put your best foot forward with a stellar cover letter. Here are some ways you can make your letter great.

  1. Customize for the job. A top mistake made by job seekers is to use a generic template for their cover letters. Recruiters have even seen letters with completely inaccurate information as though the job seeker didn’t even bother changing it to match the job. Each time you send your resume, spend a few minutes tailoring your cover letter to match the specific job posting.
  2. Tell your story. Human language is best used in the form of storytelling. We engage each other with stories. People are more likely to listen to you if you create a narrative that encourages someone to want know what happens next. The same can be true in your cover letter. Use this opportunity to draw them in.
  3. Stand out with accomplishments. Of course, you also need to answer the most important question. “Why should we hire you?” Know that there will be dozens of applicants vying for the same job, and you want to stand out. Use your accomplishments to describe why they need to contact you versus your competition.
  4. Entice them to call you. When ending you letter, don’t assume they will automatically go on to read your resume. Give them a reason, and the tools, to contact you directly. In your final paragraph, reiterate your interest in their specific position and provide your phone number so they can immediately pick up the phone to talk to you more about your experience.

Your cover letter is your most important sales tool, so how can you make it even better? Contact our IT recruiters in Phoenix, Orange County, Los Angeles and Denver to learn more.