5 Career Tips for Millennials

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As a member of Generation Y you have different professional needs from your GenX and Baby Boomer counterparts. On the other hand, you also have some ownership over your own career experience and can influence how you’re treated in the workplace and how you treat others. If you’re looking for your first job out of college or a job transition, here are some important tips for millennial job seekers.

  1. Don’t rush. Millennials have been raised in a culture of instant gratification. This makes them very good at determining solutions to problems quickly, but it can also cause rushing to the wrong conclusions if you’re not willing to step back and assess the situation properly. Find a balance between quick responses and hastily made decisions.
  2. Communicate clearly. Another criticism older generations have about the Millennials is that they are not effective communicators. They rely on texting to communicate much of the time which makes both written and verbal communication confusing to others in the workplace. Good communications skills are essential for long term success so be sure to leave the text speak on your cell phone and develop your skills face-to-face.
  3. Find a mentor. If you’re working with multiple generations in your office be sure to tap into their experience and expertise. Find someone within your company who can be your career mentor. Establish a relationship with them and spend time learning how they got to where they are in their career. Understanding where others are coming from without judgement will be an important skill to cultivate as you maneuver in your career.
  4. Take risks. When you’re younger is the best time to take major risks in your career. You can try new things, take changes, and really feel out what will be a good fit for your experience in the long term. Don’t be afraid to fail. Some of the most successful people embrace failure as a lesson rather than a barrier.
  5. Make a commitment. Finally, when you’re working with an organization don’t be afraid to make a commitment. Another concern many older professionals have of the younger generation is that they’re not willing to commit to anything. Prove them wrong by taking ownership and responsibility of your actions and projects.

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