5 Interview Questions You Should Ask Accountants

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When you need to hire an accountant, finding the best candidate possible is a must. At times, it can be hard to separate the genuinely exceptional job seekers from those who are merely okay. However, by approaching the interview the right way, it becomes much easier. 

The questions you ask during an interview will play a big role in your success. If you want to hire the best, here are five interview questions you should ask every accountant candidate. 

1. What Steps Do You Take to Remain Up to Date on Accounting Laws and Regulations?

Rules that impact the accounting and finance worlds change frequently. Ideally, you want to find a new hire that actively strives to stay on top of new developments and emerging trends on their own, as it means they are more likely to remain compliant at all times. 

2. Tell Me About Your Experience with Different Kinds of Accounting Software.

This prompt is technology-oriented. It helps you figure out if the candidate is familiar with the solutions your company has in place, or at least alternatives that have similar designs or purposes. 

Even a general familiarity with competing software can help them reach full productivity faster. However, if a candidate doesn’t know any related applications, that could mean they aren’t the right fit. 

3. Can You Tell Me About a Time You Made an Accounting Mistake? What Happened and What Did You Do to Fix It?

This multi-part question is designed to do a few things. First, it lets you know if the candidate is accountable. After all, nearly everyone has made a mistake at some point, so saying that they’ve never had a misstep could be a red flag. 

Beyond that, it lets you know how they overcome challenges and work under pressure. If they took steps to remedy the situation that make sense, that’s a good sign. 

4. Why Did You Choose to Become an Accountant?

Understanding what motivated the candidate to pursue the field is surprisingly helpful. It gives you insight into their mentality and perspective while also letting you gauge their passion for accounting and finance. 

5. Tell Me About Your Experience with Conveying Complex Financial Information to Non-Accounting Professionals or Customers.

Many accountants have to interact with people who aren’t as savvy about financial terms and processes. As a result, they need to be able to communicate the information clearly and in a way that resonates with a less knowledgeable audience. If they can’t, they may struggle to handle cross-departmental projects or support clients, both of which could be problematic. 

Ultimately, all five of the questions listed above are excellent additions to any accountant interview. Make sure to tap on them all. If you do, your odds of identifying an exceptional candidate may go up dramatically, ensuring you can get the perfect fit based on your needs. 

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