5 Questions to Ask the Hiring Manager in Your Next Interview

You’ve probably already heard the advice that you should be asking questions in the interview. But how do you know what you should be asking? Every hiring manager is different, but there are some common themes that can help you connect with them and encourage them to take a closer look at you as a viable candidate for their job. Your role as a job seeker is to impress the interviewer, so here are some tips to get you started.

  1. Why do you work here and what do you like most about your job? The interviewer will be pleased that you are taking a genuine interest in not only getting to know the company, but also learning who they are as a manager. It will also help you better understand how the individuals who work there interact with their own jobs and each other.
  2. What traits do your most successful employees share? This question will also give you some insight on what it is that the company looks for in their new hires. It will demonstrate to the hiring manager that you care about learning what motivates others in the office and how they manage these successful employees.
  3. When a project fails, how do you and your team handle it? The hiring manager will likely ask you behavioral questions about times in your career when things didn’t go your way. They may also ask you about your biggest weakness. It isn’t a bad thing to turn the question around to them. They will appreciate the attention to detail. And you’ll learn if they are compatible with your style.
  4. How would you describe your company culture? The company culture of an organization is as important as the specific job, yet few people think to ask questions about the environment when they’re meeting with a hiring manager for the first time. This will allow you to better understand if the company is the right place for you or if you are better off somewhere else.
  5. What are the next steps in the hiring process? It seems obvious, but don’t just leave the interview without knowing what happens next. The interviewer will be happy that you are proactive and want to know the next steps, and you’ll be able to better plan your thank you note and follow up. Get a card from everyone you’ve spoken with and make a plan.

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