5 Tips to Fall in Love with Your Resume

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As the days begin to turn cooler, hiring ramps up. Companies that delayed filling vacancies during the summer are now seeking out candidates, making it a great time for job seekers who want to find new opportunities.

Before you launch your next job search, it’s wise to take a moment to polish your resume. If you want to make sure your fall in love with your resume this season, here are five tips to get yours whipped into shape.

1. Nail Your Resume Format

The format of your resume is a surprisingly important part of the job search equation. Using a non-traditional approach – like a functional resume – may seem like a smart way to separate yourself from the crowd or focus on your capabilities, potentially masking a lack of experience.

The issue is, most hiring managers are suspicious of functional resumes. As a result, it’s better to avoid that approach in most cases.

This fall, consider embracing the hybrid format to get the best of the functional resume with the straightforwardness of a chronological approach. With that format, you lead off with a resume summary and follow that up with a quick skills section, showcasing your relevant capabilities. After that, you can move onto your work history and education or, if you’re a recent graduate, your education section followed by your experience.

2. Be Achievement-Oriented

When it comes to discussing your experience, it’s always best to show the hiring manager you have what it takes instead of telling them. Highlight your skills by showcasing them within an accomplishment. That way, the hiring manager can see how you use your capabilities to get results, making your value clearer.

3. Pop in Keywords

Keywords are a powerful tool when you’re trying to get a job. When you submit your resume to a company, there’s a decent chance that the first screening step is automated. If you don’t have the right keywords in place, you won’t make it past that system.

Plus, keywords help show the hiring manager that you’re a strong match. By using the exact words and phrases you find in the job description to discuss your skills, you position yourself as a right-fit candidate quickly, increasing the odds they’ll invite you in for an interview.

4. Use Action Verbs

If you want to make sure that your resume packs a bunch, use action verbs when you discuss your capabilities. Words like “enacted,” “outperformed,” “streamlined,” and “supervised” are both powerful and clear, making your application far more engaging.

5. Quantify the Details

On a resume, numbers stand out visually. They’ll draw the hiring manager’s eye to various parts of your resume, encouraging them to read more of the information during the first review.

Additionally, when you quantify the details, you give the hiring manager context about what you’re capable of doing. It makes your achievements more meaningful, allowing you to demonstrate exactly what you pulled off in the past.

Ultimately, all five of the tips above can help you fall in love with your resume. Use them all to get your application into shape, ensuring your next job search will be as quick of a success as possible.

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