5 Ways to Be a Better Team Player

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The vast majority of professionals don’t work fully independently. Instead, they are part of a larger team, one where everyone needs to work well together if the company is going to thrive.

Many professionals want to become better team players. That way, they can effectively support their colleagues while achieving shared goals. If you’re hoping to improve your teamwork capabilities, here is a look at five ways to become a better team player.

1. Practice Active Listening

During conversations, it isn’t uncommon to lose focus on what’s being said. Many people find that their mind drifts. They begin to concentrate on how they want to reply or the actions they would like to take.

However, that lack of attentiveness can harm relationships. If you miss a critical point because you weren’t rooted in the here and now, that could alter how you’re perceived by that colleague. Plus, the overlooked detail could cause you to make an error that harms the team.

When you speak with colleagues, use your active listening skills. Make sure you focus on what’s being shared and, when needed, ask clarifying questions. That way, you can fully take in the conversation, reducing the odds of misunderstandings or overlooked details.

2. Support the Success of Others

When it comes to work, many professionals concentrate on their own success. However, if you take the time to support the success of others, you can become a better team player.

By helping others excel, you increase the overall quality of the team’s efforts. Additionally, you enhance your reputation, as people will come to you whenever they are hoping to be empowered, supported, or inspired.

3. Accept Help from Others

Many professionals assume that needing help from a colleague hurts the team and their reputation. However, that isn’t typically the case. Being helpful to others is something many people enjoy.

By accepting help from a coworker, you’re actually giving them a boost. Plus, you’re creating opportunities to learn from them and forge a stronger bond.

As long as you aren’t taking advantage of a colleague and are largely known for handling your responsibilities, your reputation will stay intact as well. In fact, it could make you seem more approachable and open, which may actually work in your favor.

4. Learn to Follow

Employees are often told that learning how to lead is crucial for their careers. While that is certainly true, becoming an effective follower when needed is also essential.

If a colleague is put in control of a project, consider how you can be a crucial part of their success without trying to take over the leadership responsibilities. See how you can put your other skills to work for their benefit, giving them access to your expertise while being respectful of their position. By doing that well, you can quickly position yourself as an exceptional team player.

5. Teach Others

Sharing your expertise openly with your teammates is an excellent way to ensure you’re viewed as a great team player. You’re willingly giving others knowledge, the knowledge that can let them be at their best. Plus, your openness builds trust, especially when you’re giving of yourself freely.

Ultimately, each of the approaches above can let you become a better team player. If you’d like to find out more, the team at VB can help. Contact us today.