5 Ways Women Can Excel in Male-Dominated Fields

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Gender ratios in certain fields lean distinctly male. If you’re a woman, learning to navigate male-dominated workplaces can seem tricky at first. This is especially true in cases where members of management view women differently than they do men working in the office or if you don’t have much experience being the odd person out in a group. 

Luckily, it is possible to excel in male-dominated fields as a woman. If you want to make sure your career can skyrocket, here are some tips. 

1. Ask for What You Want

While it isn’t always the case, some women are hesitant to express what they want professionally. They don’t ask for a place on an intriguing project’s team or avoid requesting new responsibilities. Instead, they hope that their hard work will lead to an offer without having to speak up. Regretfully, if your workplace doesn’t have a formal approach to equitable work distribution, speaking up is what you’ll need to do. 

Usually, one of two approaches can work. First, you can schedule an official meeting to discuss your career with your manager. Second, you can be more casual, pausing with your manager for a quick conversation about a project or responsibility you’d like to take on. In either case, make your desires clear. That way, when it comes time for new assignments, you’re more likely to come to mind. 

2. Seize Social Opportunities

Socializing with your colleagues is important for your career. It allows you to forge stronger bonds with your coworkers and manager, so seize every opportunity for casual conversation you can. Whether it’s a chat by the watercooler or a post-work cocktail hour, take part often. That way, you’ll integrate into the workplace more fully, a move that can potentially lead to additional opportunities and a robust network. 

3. Learn to Say “No”

While it may seem counterintuitive, saying “yes” to every request isn’t always a good idea. At times, it may leave you overtasked, resulting in higher stress and diminished work quality. In others, it could involve taking on responsibilities that won’t boost your career and that can hold you back. 

Instead, you need to balance your “yes” and “no” moments. Jump on career-boosting opportunities, but don’t be afraid to turn a project down if it isn’t going to help you advance and you’re also overtasked. 

4. Become the Go-To Person

While having a well-rounded skill set for your position is a must, carving out a unique niche for yourself is also beneficial. It allows you to become the go-to person for specific kinds of tasks or information, making you the local authority on a subject. 

Research recent innovations in your field that are relevant to your job. Then, acquire – on your own time – the skills and knowledge needed to excel in that niche. As the new development begins taking hold in your company, you’ll be ready, allowing you to guide the way and provide a substantial amount of value instead of simply being along for the ride. 

5. Get a MentorWho’ll Be Your Champion 

A mentor is always valuable. But if you can secure one who will actively be your champion, the benefits are greater. You’ll end up with a vocal ally who will root for you at the right moments. They may be able to help you secure positions on exciting projects, promotions, and other career-lifting opportunities. 

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