7 Ways to Nail a Video Interview

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Are you on board with the newest trends in job searches? Do you know that many companies use video interviews to pre-screen candidates? Knowing how to navigate the video interview will be a critical part of your job search success. Here are tips to master this concept, and 7 ways to nail it.

  1. Select the right background. Do you have a collection of super hero posters in your home office? There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but it may not be the best backdrop for your video interview. Chose a neutral location that won’t be distracting when you’re on the video conference call.
  2. Choose the right clothes. Your wardrobe choice will be as important here as it is when you’re meeting a potential employer in person. Dress professionally, make sure your clothes are in good repair and not wrinkled, and keep accessories to a minimum.
  3. Ensure the best lighting. The lighting does matter. If you’re in a room too dark, you’ll be in shadow. A room too light won’t be flattering. Before your real interview, determine how the room lighting and the sun might affect the quality of your video conference.
  4. Do not disturb. This isn’t advice for you, necessarily. It’s more for the people around you. If you’re likely to be distracted by your children, spouse, or pets, make sure everyone knows you cannot be disturbed while on your video interview. There shouldn’t even be background noise.
  5. Do you homework. Just like any face-to-face interview, you want to make sure you’re prepared for the questions you’ll be asked. You also want to have some questions of your own. Research the company before you begin the call.
  6. Be confident. Confidence cannot be overstated. If your body language or posture doesn’t convey confidence, you won’t make the right impression. Boost your confidence ahead of time and pay attention your non-verbal communication.
  7. Know your equipment and software. Before your scheduled call, find out what service they use and make sure it works with your computer. Load the software they use, such as Skype, and do a test call with a friend. This way you can test your camera and microphone as well.

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