A Future in Finance: How to Get Ahead of the Pack

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Are you thinking about pursuing finance at a University level? Or are you a recent college graduate looking for your first job in finance? Maybe you are simply looking at the next step in your career. There are a few things you can do to ensure that you continue to move forward toward your ultimate long term goals. If you want to get ahead in the finance industry here are a few tops to get you started.

  1. Plan your major. Planning for a successful finance career starts in college. It is important to plan the right major to get the best foundation and building blocks for a career. Talk to your academic advisors about the right course load and specialization for the career path that you’re interested in pursuing. This will lay the essential ground work for your future in finance.
  2. Plan your goals. It is equally important for you to know where you’re going. What do you want to accomplish with your career in finance? Talk to others in the industry who can give you an idea of the different paths that may make the most sense for you. Then clearly define your long term goals so you can plan your path effectively.
  3. Do extracurricular activities. Graduating with the right degree is only a portion of the process. It is also important to have strong extracurricular activities to populate your resume right out of school. You may want to take exams to become an Enrolled Agent or a Certified Financial Planner. You can also take part time work during tax season preparing returns for individuals and small businesses. These will all look impressive on a beginner’s resume.
  4. Join an association. Search your area for a professional financial association and become active with meetings and networking opportunities. You will have access to others in your industry as well as potential employers. A professional organization will also look good on a resume especially if you volunteer.
  5. Work with a mentor. Finally, you want to establish a relationship with someone within the industry who can act as your mentor. You may meet this person through school or the professional organization in which you’re involved. This person can answer questions about the process and you can learn from their mistakes.

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