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Since our establishment, VincentBenjamin has been passionately committed to attracting and retaining only the strongest performers in the industry. This is reflected in our compensation system, infrastructure and philosophy of promoting an entrepreneurial, autonomous and enthusiastic culture. We believe in investing back into the firm and foster an environment where a mix of dynamic personalities share the same goals and genuinely enjoy what they do. In this competitive environment, we understand the need to offer attractive remuneration, flexibility in time and business management, and a reliable support system. We are confident that VincentBenjamin can provide the best market conditions in all of these areas.

Our focus is attracting and retaining experienced recruiters, however we welcome motivated individuals with potential and an interest in developing a career. If you have business experience and are new to recruiting, we encourage you to contact us to learn more about professional recruitment and staffing and see if it’s the right career path for you. We have the experience, training and commitment to help develop our people into the best recruiters in the market, and joining the VB family can be truly transformative to your career!

We encourage you to learn more about our offices in Phoenix, Orange County, Los Angeles and Denver before deciding which location is right for you.

A Culture of Empowerment and Excellence


How can you operate an organization that affects the very livelihood of thousands of people in any other manner? Honesty and consideration for others are non-negotiable at VB because long-term, trust-based, relationships are the very core of our business. As a result, our clients trust us, our candidates trust us, and we trust each other.


In the dynamic business environment we work within, it takes a cooperative or coordinated effort on the part of an entire team in order to move the needle.  From our start, VB has been a ‘market disrupter’ in the world of staffing, and everyone within this firm acknowledges we didn’t do it alone.  Teamwork makes the Dream work!


Step into any VB office and you’ll immediately experience the intensity, commitment, dedication and drive of our people.  We take our jobs extremely seriously, work incredibly hard, and never stand by waiting for someone else to act.  As a result of an empowered and autonomous work culture, things simply get done at VB!


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