Are You The Perfect Candidate? Make a Company Want to Hire You

Have you been looking for a new job this year? Searching for work can be frustrating if you’ve found yourself on the job market longer than you anticipated.  But when the perfect job posting comes along and appears custom written just for you, what you do next will be exceptionally important. What do you do when you know you’re the perfect candidate for a job? Here’s how to show a company that they need to contact you.

  • Show enthusiasm. You want this job more than anything. So, when you submit your cover letter and resume, let the company know how much you want this job. Not just any job, but this job in particular. Companies want to hire someone who is excited about working with them. Show this in your communication with them and let them see how enthusiastic you are about their organization.
  • Display confidence. Don’t forget that enthusiasm extends past the company. Be confident in yourself and your skills. Know that you can do this job, don’t second guess yourself. Don’t be hesitant when answering questions over the phone or in the interview. It’s okay to not know an answer, but be confident enough to say you’ll find out. But while confidence is very important to prospective employers, don’t take it too far and let it come across as arrogance.
  • Prepare ahead of time. Before every single step of the process, do your homework. Review the company website. Follow the company on LinkedIn. Read news stories or any other information you can find. Far too often, candidates don’t do enough research to speak about why they like the company enough to want the job.
  • Practice self-awareness. You know you will be asked about your strengths, but you’ll also be asked about your weaknesses. And those are much harder. But, far too many job seekers fall back on the trope of disguising a strength as a weakness. Instead, tell them what you do struggle with, but tell them your plan to deal with this positively.
  • Ask for the job. Finally, if you want the job, ask for it. At the end of your interview, tell them that you want to be hired. Don’t sound desperate or controlling, just sincere and excited about the opportunity. Recap the discussion, your skills, your interests, and how you can be a benefit to the company. Ask them for the opportunity to demonstrate your talents by offering you the job.

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