Are You The Right Fit for a Career in IT?

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Information Technology has been at the forefront of American industry for the last 30 years. Since the “Dot Com” bubble burst and the Y2K scare there has been an evolution of IT jobs. Silicon Valley is still producing jobs and new ideas that are leading the industry into the future. IBM just announced that by 2020 silicon computer chips may be entirely replaced by their nanotube transistor technology. But what does all this information mean to someone interested in pursuing a career in IT? Here are some basics to get you started if you’re just beginning your job search in this field.

Do you know what kinds of jobs are available in IT? Here is a quick list of the general categories:

  • Administrators. Professionals who run the databases, networks, and systems that we all use to ensure they work properly. An administrator role is generally behind the scenes.
  • Analysts. Databases, networks, and systems are not a one size fits all solution for the companies who need them. Analysts are the professionals who design these systems for businesses, organizations, and even governments.
  • Engineers. Hardware and software engineers make these systems run by providing solutions for reliability and security. These are the components that make up databases, networks, and systems.
  • Developers and designers. Finally, these systems need to be used by non-technical people within these organizations as well as the general public, such as in the case of the internet. Web developers and designers translate the systems so we everyone understand them.

Within each of these broad IT categories there are a number of possible positions that someone with a technology background can fit within. There are a number of educational paths that someone could take to get into an IT career but generally it falls within computer science with a heavy focus on math. There are also several professional certification programs that can help you focus your career and become a specialist.

This article on How Stuff Works provides more details on careers in Information Technology.

The salary expectations for a career in IT will vary depending on the specialization and the level of skill. For more information about the pay ranges provides a search tool based on job title and location that can be a starting point for negotiations.

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