Is Artificial Intelligence an Opportunity or a Threat to the Staffing Industry?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has made its way into a vast number of fields and industries, including recruiting. The technology has fundamentally changed how specific tasks are done, creating increased efficiency, but also adding the potential to put certain positions at risk.

This leaves many to wonder whether AI will empower companies to make better decisions in areas like recruitment or if decision-makers will inevitably be replaced by the technology.

Wondering whether AI is an opportunity or a threat in the recruitment space? Here’s what you need to know.

Recruiting is Going to Look Very Different

As AI becomes ingrained in the recruitment space, the landscape is going to look very different, potentially in only a handful of years. The technology provides useful tools that can help source, search and match candidates to vacant jobs while also assisting in critical areas like lead generation.

These capabilities could transform the field by reducing the amount of time required to qualify job seekers or determine whether they are a better fit for opportunities beyond the one they applied for. Plus, it can help automate certain forms of communication, especially as AI’s language processing abilities become more robust.

What this does is allow recruiters to focus on other areas of responsibility. Instead of reviewing dozens or hundreds of resumes received for an open job, AI can create a list of best-fit candidates as a point of focus. Recruitment specialists can concentrate on these applicants first and, if a solid match exists, continue the hiring process quickly.

Recruiters Won’t Become Obsolete

While AI will impact the recruitment process, it doesn’t eliminate the need for skilled professionals in the field. AI can make recommendations, but an actual person has to perform many of the final assessments to determine whether a person is a good fit.

Every hiring manager knows an applicant that looks good “on paper” isn’t always ideal for the role. Additionally, examining cultural fit often has to be done in person, typically during an interview. AI doesn’t yet have the ability assess things like personality, drive, and enthusiasm for a role, so people are still going to work in the recruitment space for the foreseeable future.

Additionally, the candidate/potential employer relationship also can’t be handled with technology alone. Job seekers appreciate genuine communication with real people, so you can’t delegate everything to AI systems.

Where Will Artificial Intelligence Take Recruiting?

Ultimately, AI in its current form represents more of an opportunity than a threat. While it will shift particular tasks out of the hands of recruiters, most of those activities are mundane or analytical in nature, and the recruitment process will almost always require a human touch.

If you would like to learn more about the impact of AI on your recruiting strategy and needs, the skilled professionals at VincentBenjamin can help. Contact us to discuss your hiring needs today and see how our expertise can demystify the challenges you face in the recruitment space.

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