Baby Boomers in Tech: How to Excel in Your IT Career

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Do you ever think that you would love to know more about how technology works but are afraid of being the oldest person in a crowd of young 20-somethings? It is truly never too late to start your career in technology but there may be different ways to approach it that will work better for your learning style and expectations. Here are some things you should keep in mind if you want to get started in an IT career later in life.

  • Take online courses. Many baby boomers say they are concerned about going back to school for IT because of the class demographics. Yes, it is probably true that if you go to a university most of your classmates will be in their teens. However, traditional college is far from the only option available in today’s hyper-connected world. Utilize online learning programs to gain new knowledge about information technology.
  • Focus on your current skills. You may think that your previous career experience doesn’t relate to a future in IT, but you would probably be wrong. Over the years technology has crept into almost every aspect of business so you probably have more of a background than you even realize. Look at what you’ve done in the past and expand on that experience to embrace a new set of skills.
  • Be willing to take risks. When the baby boomers were the same age as the millennials are today they were, in large part, a generation willing to take risks and try new things. Over the years, that influence has waned and many boomers started to follow the path of least resistance to gain stability and security in their lives. Approaching a new career in IT at an older age may take more of those old core values. Don’t be afraid to fail. And don’t be so afraid of it that you never try something new.
  • Know your long term goals. Lastly, it is important to note that starting a career in IT as a baby boomer today doesn’t have to be the only defining thing in your life. This may be something you do for extra money or just for the love of learning new technologies. Unlike your early career, you don’t have to wrap your identity up in this new pursuit if you don’t want to.

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