Be The Change: How to Get Involved in the Community

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Today’s professionals want more than just a steady paycheck and a 9 to 5 job, and many companies are responding to that call. Volunteer programs and community involvement are becoming normal at organizations all around the country. But what happens if you join a team that isn’t actively engaged with the local community? Can you be the catalyst for a community involvement program at your company? If you want to make a difference, here are some practical tips to get you started.

  • Talk to managers about shared values and company goals. If you see an opportunity to establish a program to give back to your community, start by talking with managers about the core values and long term goals. Don’t stop at your direct supervisor. Take your idea to the CEO and encourage them to take a look at the benefits of community involvement.
  • Select a cause that fits with the overall mission. Once you get a feel for how giving back to the community can fit in with the goals of the organization, select a cause that fits the mission. This could be for a charity that directly impacts someone in your work place or an organization that has similar values.
  • Lead by example and volunteer. You can encourage others to give back when you lead by example. Volunteer in your area and demonstrate how this can positively impact your contribution to the business community and your own job. Be sure that this doesn’t impact your productivity, but enhances it. Let people know they can join you at any point along the way.
  • Develop a formalized structure for your program. The next step is to formalize the process. Create a long term plan to help get your volunteering program on the map in your organization. Create the steps people can take, how this influences their careers with the company, and what the long term plans are to be a part of the greater community.
  • Create a process of recognition for participation. Lastly, you can also work with your management and HR team to design a recognition program to enhance your volunteering initiative. This program should be designed to encourage participation but not overshadow the mission of giving back to the community.

Do you want to establish a program to volunteer or give back to your community? Learn more about the VincentBenjamin GivBack program at our offices located in Phoenix, Denver, Los Angeles and Orange County.

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