Big Data: Where IT and Business Meet

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Our 21st century world is defined by data. The internet made it possible for everyone to have access to information at the touch of a button which is now leading to bigger and better innovations in the digital age. Lately, experts have been talking about both big data and fast data. What do these terms mean and how will be they affect the information technology industry moving forward?

Big Data

This term refers to any data that are too complex to process by current conventional means. Industries such as healthcare and retail are now pumping out so much data that the current technology isn’t effective for collecting, cataloging, and analyzing it. Because of the wide spread need for big data across a vast variety of industries there will be an increased need for technology experts with strong analytical skills. It is estimated that by 2018 there will be a shortage of IT professionals with the right experience. For individuals who want to focus their careers and education on big data this could be the next biggest career trend for IT.

Fast Data

Hot on the heels of big data is fast data. Some experts are extolling the benefits of fast data as a means to better process and use big data. There are several new tools available within IT to help with the collection and analysis of big data and individuals who choose to specialize in these offerings may have an advantage in the job market of the near future. Currently, many SQL offerings are providing some of the products that will eventually help advance the big and fast data collection and distribution that companies will need.

Do you believe that your experience as an IT professional can transition into a career in big data? Most experts believe that the right skill set for a job in big data involves equal parts IT and business acumen. This is very different from traditional IT roles. Since these types of data centered jobs are so new to the marketplace there are no specific requirements or job titles yet so job seekers may need to get creative. One possible career path may be to take initiative with a current job to direct data collection and processing toward the inevitable future of the industry.

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