Boost Your IT Job Search Confidence

Confidence may be the foundation on which you can build a successful IT career. Recruiters and hiring managers believe that confidence can outweigh skills in some circumstances. Even extremely competent candidates who aren’t confident in their abilities may have trouble finding the right opportunity. Knowing that confidence is essential, how do you improve yours to ensure you’re putting the best foot forward? Here are a few ways you can boost your job search confidence and land your next IT job.

  • Start with your body language. That’s right, confidence doesn’t have that much to do with the skills you bring to the table. Instead, start by remembering your grade school lessons to sit up straight. Having your back and shoulders straight and square will not only send a message of confidence to the interviewer, but it will also communicate confidence to yourself. Practice your posture and related positive body language before your next IT interview.
  • Give yourself a pep talk. Positive affirmations sound like a bunch of self-help hocus pocus, but there is real psychology to back up the effects. Before you go into the interview, face yourself in a mirror and be complimentary. “You totally have this! You’re a great app developer and they’ll can see it!” If feel negativity creeping in, repeat the words in your head. Find an easy to remember motivational quote that resonates with you.
  • Review the kind words. Right before your interview is a good time to review the nice things others have said about you. Imagine your references and what they’ll say. Look at recommendations on LinkedIn to remind yourself of your positive contributions to former employers. This can boost your confidence and also remind you of some of the accomplishments you’ve had in the past so you can reference them in your interview.
  • Dress to impress. Finally, as important as it is to carry yourself confidently, your clothes make up half that feeling. If they don’t make you feel good about yourself, you won’t be confident. Look at the style, the color, and the way it fits you. If you feel comfortable in your own skin you’ll radiate that confidence in an interview. Keep your choices simple with few accessories, but if you have a lucky charm, like a pocket watch or a necklace, wear it.

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