Can Learning a New Skill Make You More Marketable?

Have you thought about returning to school? Throughout your career you’ve probably wondered if continued education, an advanced degree, or other educational goal can help you succeed in your chosen field. There are several advantages to learning new skills that can allow you to advance. Here are a few things you can add to your knowledge base to help you get ahead in your career.

  • Keep up with your current field. Whether you’re in accounting or information technology, there will always be advancements in your field that can influence your continued success. Keep up to date with the latest technology, trends, and compliance concerns. You will be more marketable if you find yourself back in the job hunt or you could find your way to promotions in your current company.
  • Better understanding of social media. Not all social media are created equal. Most people tend to use Facebook for their personal interaction and LinkedIn for professional networking. But what other platforms like Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest? Are there ways these can help you in your field or your job search? Talking with experts or taking a class on social medial management may be a good idea for your career.
  • Learn more about mobile applications. Smart phones have changed the ways we communicate. There was a time when a phone call was the only method of reaching someone, and now email is constantly at our fingertips. Many people prefer to communicate solely through text messages. Learning what employers prefer can help you advance in your career or stay ahead of your competition in a job hunt.
  • Implement collaborative strategies. As more millennial employees enter the professional work place, businesses are transforming to incorporate their modes of thinking and communication. These younger employees prefer collaborative projects. They like working with others on innovation and solutions. If you’ve never worked in a collaborative environment, it is a good idea to learn about this new corporate structure to succeed in the future.

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