Can Naps Make Your Team More Productive?

Creating a healthier workplace environment is a priority for many company owners or managers. But there may be one ignored aspect of good health that could give your workplace a productive edge over your competition. There is a secret tool to increase efficiently and effectiveness on the job: a mid-day nap. Experts believe that a quick nap, no longer than 20 minutes, in the afternoon can increase brain function. Many employees face an energy slump after lunchtime, but you can solve that by considering ways to offer afternoon naps in the office. Here are some tips to get started.

  1. Provide space. You can set aside an unused room in your office to work as a napping spot. Put in comfortable seating that allows for a reclined posture. Include an easy to set alarm clock. You should make this space comfortable, but enforce the 20 minute time limit so no employees take advantage of the set up.
  2. A nap is not lazy. As a manager, you also need to internalize that napping is good for your team and does not indicate that they are lazy. Everyone in your office has a different body clock, and some will respond positively to a short nap to give them the energy they need for the second half of the day.
  3. Health benefits of napping. A nap isn’t just good for late-day productivity. Healthy sleep is part of a healthy lifestyle, just like good nutrition and exercise. A nap can help reduce blood pressure and risk of heart attack, which are often impacted by work related stress. Just shutting your brain off for a few minutes each day can lead to a healthier attitude overall.
  4. Partnering coffee and napping. Caffeine takes about 20 minutes to be effective. For an added boost, you can encourage your team to drink that after-lunch coffee right before taking advantage of the napping space. When they wake from their 20 minute nap, they will be refreshed and filled with new energy.
  5. Advice for employees. If your company isn’t able to set up a napping space, there are a couple of other things your team can do. They may want to use part of a lunch hour to take that 10 minute catnap. Don’t discourage your team from doing this if it appears to enhance their performance in the afternoon.

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