Can You Afford NOT to Take a Career Risk?

From our earliest years, we are taught to be conservative when determining our career plans. Even with lofty dreams, we are encouraged to have a “fall-back” plan. But sometimes avoiding risk can be more damaging to your long term career, and well-being, than playing it safe. When you look at some of the most successful people in the country, none of them got where they are today by making risk-free choices. So, why is taking risks in your career a good plan for your future? Let’s look at some of the reasons.

  • Get over the fear of failure. Yes, there is a chance that if you try something new and different that it won’t work out the way you imagine it will. But there is also a chance that it will. Or that something else wonderful will happen along the way. Failure is scary, and it is okay to acknowledge it, but to let it rule you will keep you stagnant in your career longer that you need to be.
  • Build stronger networks. When you’re willing to take a risk, you’ll also find that you build stronger networks. These connections will no longer just be on the surface and tied into what you do every day. You will begin to work with mentors who also took risks and are willing to share their experience with you. This will help you be more confident in doing these things for yourself.
  • Success measured by satisfaction. Taking a risk should never ben about how much more money you can make. Successful people who have made these leaps do so because they believe in what they do. They want to have satisfaction rather than monetary success in their lives. How much do you believe in this project? Will it make you a better person? Money may come over time, but the risk is the reward itself.
  • Consider your boundaries. Finally, it is okay to determine where your boundaries are. Maybe you’re ready for mitigated risk, or maybe you’re ready to take a leap without a safety net. Either way, it is okay for you to determine just how far you’re willing to go at each stage of the game. Perhaps a small risk like putting yourself out there for a promotion is a good way to start. Not everyone needs to start by changing their own legacy.

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