Tips for a Solid Accounting Resume

Maybe numbers are your comfort zone, but not all accountants are single-note. And it is particularly important to use the right words when you’re creating your resume to land that next opportunity. You need to have a document that will pull a reader in and compel them to contact you right away. There is no magic pill for writing the perfect resume, so it is no wonder that it can be difficult to know what to include. Here are 5 tips that can help you write a killer resume for your next accounting job.

The Path to CFO: 4 More Steps to Boost Your Financial Career

In early 2015, we wrote this post about the steps you can take on the path to a career as a Chief Financial Officer. And while those 4 steps are a great start, they aren’t all that is needed to further your career in finance. As you’re preparing to move forward, here are a few more things to consider as you plan your next moves. Learn business strategy and operations. Having knowledge of a...

Finance Job Market Trends of 2016

There has been a lot of talk in 2016 regarding the current job market. Many people are focusing entirely on the technology and healthcare sector, making it appear as though there isn’t much out there for other professionals. In truth, the financial job market is very strong and there are a few things to know if you’re looking for a finance job before the end of this year. Here are some of the trends to watch out for.

Ultimate Guide to Your Accounting Career

While it can be nearly impossible to boil down an entire career in to one, short blog post, there are some insights we can provide in an ultimate guide to a career in accounting. Before you decide what you want to do with your career path or degree in finance or accounting, consider these points. What do you need to know most when you’re entering the field?

4 Questions to Ask to Find Your Financial Niche

You may think that all financial positions are cookie cutter jobs, but that can’t be further from the truth. Accountants and financial professionals have as much diversity in their careers as any other industry, and they touch every aspect of business. Are you trying to find the right niche within the financial sector? Here are some questions you can ask yourself to determine what works for your future career.

5 Ways to Network in the Finance Industry

Networking is not a favorite task for many people, especially those in the financial industry who may want to remain behind the curtain. But every professional knows that networking is a crucial part of their career development. So how do you reconcile your desire to hug the walls and your need to connect with new people in the industry? Here are some networking tips that can help you expand your financial contacts.

3 Steps to Transition to a Career in Finance

Do you love numbers? Do you like to solve complex puzzles? Are you interested in helping individuals and companies succeed? If so, you may want consider a career in finance. Regardless of the industry you’re in now, you can make the transition into this career with a few steps. Finance affects almost everyone, so chances are you’ve had some level of experience in your past jobs. Here are some things to consider before you take the leap into a financial role.

Accounting and Finance: Off the Beaten Path

There are some strongly held perceptions of what it means to be an accounting or finance professional. Many people assume that these are behind the scenes jobs. They also assume that the accountant only wants to deal in numbers and money without regard for other aspects of business. The truth is, there has always been great variety in these careers. Are you looking for a unique job that can utilize your finance and accounting skills. Here are some potential career paths to consider.

4 Tips for Creating the Best Finance Resume

It may come as a surprise, but there is no single formula for writing the perfect resume. Imagine a world where everyone submits identical resumes, except for one person whose resume is unique. Which person do you think the recruiter will call? Finance jobs don’t seem like the environment for a lot of creative design, but that makes it more important than ever to stand out among your competition. Here are 4 tips for your financial resume.

Top 5 Questions to Ask Financial Candidates in an Interview

Are your interview strategies really finding you the very best financial candidates? You may be surprised to learn that some of your tried and true interview questions are missing the mark. The cost of a bad hire is exponential, so avoiding a negative situation is far preferable than starting the process over again. Start with the interviewing process to ensure that you are screening the most qualified candidates for your open financial positions. Here are 5 interview questions that can help you drill down and only hire the best.

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