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Eight Types of Interviews to Prepare For

When most people think of interviews, they picture themselves sitting across from a hiring manager and answering questions about their work history. But, that isn’t the only option. Companies may use a variety of interview formats to gauge which candidate should receive a job offer, often tailoring their approach based on their unique needs or circumstances. As a job seeker, it’s wise to be...

Dress to Impress for Your Next Technology Interview

While many tech pros are confident in their abilities to interview in any environment, figuring out what to wear can be a challenge for others. This is partially based on the fact that technology workplaces often have varying standards when it comes to attire, ranging from incredibly casual to full-blown professional. Since you may not be able to anticipate which environment you’re going to walk...

Going Up? Prepare Yourself by Crafting the Perfect Elevator Pitch

Typically, you don’t have a lot of time to make a strong first impression. People will usually start sizing you up in a matter of seconds, so you need to make every one of those initial impressions work in your favor, and that’s where the elevator pitch comes in. An elevator pitch is a short speech that summarizes your passions and experience, often in 30 seconds or less. It serves as a hig...

How to Turn Your Contract Opportunity into a Permanent Position

If you enjoy your current contract position, the idea of leaving can be hard to bear. Many professionals have the opportunity to work with some of the area’s leading employers during short-term contracts, making the idea of staying especially enticing. While the old adage “all good things must come to an end” may seem to apply to these situations, that doesn’t have to be the case. There...

Why Great Communication Skills Are the Key to Landing Your Next Opportunity

When you’re looking to land a particularly coveted accounting or tech position, you are likely going to face some stiff competition. Typically, the majority of those who apply to stellar opportunities have the requisite hard skills to do the job, so you need to go the extra mile to set yourself apart. One of the most effective approaches for standing out from the crowd is to highlight your co...

Get Social: How to Prepare Your Social Media Presence for the Job Hunt

Social media is playing a larger role in the recruitment and hiring process than ever before. Not only can these platforms help you find new opportunities, giving you a chance to connect with companies and recruiters, they can also hurt your odds of being selected if you don’t prepare properly. One inappropriate post or image can be devastating to your job search, especially as more hiring ma...

How to Build Great Relationships in Your Contract Accounting Position

With tax season in full swing, many accounting professionals take on short-term contract positions to help further their careers and pad their bank accounts. But working in a role that comes with an expiration date can make forging meaningful connections challenging, even if they would be valuable. Luckily, there are ways to maximize your experience while working in a contract accounting positi...

Make the Most of Mondays

While we’re often very grateful for Fridays, Mondays can still be a big challenge. If you’re feeling as though you have a perpetual “case of the Mondays,” how can you overcome that sense of dread? You don’t need to spend your weekend worrying about the beginning of your next work week. Just a couple of small lifestyle changes can help you start your week out on a positive note, often with the same energy you feel when Friday is approaching. Here are ideas to help you make the most of your Mondays.

Professional Attire Vs. Business Casual: A Millennial’s Guide to Dressing for Success

There is a lot to understand when it comes for dressing for success while on the job. And, over the years, dress codes evolve with the generations. The power suit of the 80s was replaced with casual Fridays in the 90s. But what is the proper way to dress for success in your career as a millennial navigating the workplace? While this will depend on your specific job and company culture, here are some tips to get you started.

7 Ways to Nail a Video Interview

Are you on board with the newest trends in job searches? Do you know that many companies use video interviews to pre-screen candidates? Knowing how to navigate the video interview will be a critical part of your job search success. Here are tips to master this concept, and 7 ways to nail it.

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