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I Just Had a Job Interview – Now What?

While many candidates have a solid idea of what they need to do to ace their interview, what about after the meeting? Many professionals are a bit uncertain about how to handle the period that comes, including if, when, or how they should follow up.  Well-timed and properly composed follow-up messages can be incredibly beneficial, increasing the odds that you’ll continue to make a positive ...

Ace Your Next Interview with These 6 Tips

Landing an interview is exciting, but also a bit anxiety-inducing. Luckily, it is possible to set yourself up for success. With the right strategies, you can increase your odds of making a great impression. If you want to ace your next interview, here are six tips that can help.  1. Research the Company Knowing a bit more about your prospective employer can work to your advantage. There’s alw...

8 Tips to Prepare for a Virtual Interview

Many companies have adopted a remote-first approach to hiring. Candidates are increasingly being asked to participate in virtual interviews, allowing them to meet with the hiring manager without any undue risk.  While virtual interviews are very similar to in-person ones, there are some nuances candidates need to know about before they participate. That way, they can prepare properly, increasi...

What To Do (And Not Do) To Rock Your Next IT Interview

Are you ready to get that IT job offer? If so, there is no better time than the present to get your interviewing skills sharpened and ready for your first test as a potential employee. Trust us, they already like your skills and think you have something to bring to the table, or they wouldn’t have called you from your resume. So now it is time to wow them and make sure they know they can’t be successful without you on their team. Here are the things you should, and shouldn’t, do on your next interview.

Develop These 5 Interpersonal Skills to Make 2016 Your Best Year Yet

The employment world is always talking about soft skills. But what exactly are soft skills? They are the interpersonal skills that make you effective at working in a team or help you achieve your goals. Some of them, like good communication skills, will go on your resume while others are strictly part of your inherent personality. As you develop your career, consider focusing on these soft skills to make yourself the best you can be.

Actuary Jobs By the Numbers

If you’re numbers oriented, you’ve probably wondered what kinds of careers you can qualify for in the future. Have you considered a role as an actuary? If you’ve never thought of it before, or if you’ve never even heard the term, here is a quick primer to help you decide if an actuarial job is right for you. Let’s take a closer look at the requirements, functions, and potential for actuaries.

Essential Soft Skills for IT Managers

A background in technology isn’t the only experience that will make a person successful as an IT manager. There are a variety of skills that are necessary for someone to succeed in a leadership role. Before you decide to advance your career into the management arena, here are some personal skills you need to cultivate.

4 Reasons You Must Include a Cover Letter

Recruiters and hiring managers have noticed a trend over the last few years. Fewer candidates are sending cover letters with their resumes. They may hastily pound out an email to inform that the resume is attached, but that isn’t the same thing. While the recruiting industry often says a resume is your first impression, in truth there is an earlier step. A cover letter introduces your resume and gives it context. It can be the real make or break moment for your job search. So why do you need a cover letter? Here are the reasons it could change everything for you.

FinTech in 2016: How Technology is Changing the Finance World

Technology is touching every industry today. Even finance and accounting has its own aspect of technology, often referred to as FinTech. Experts believe there will be big changes in FinTech and the way money is exchanged throughout 2016. Familiar online money transfer sites like PayPal began the FinTech revolution and the industry will only continue to grow. Here are some of the trends that are expected this year.

3 Ways to Find the Right Networking Group

You’ve heard it dozens of times, “You should join a networking group.” But even if you’re one of the most extroverted people in the world, you may still need a push to help you find a group that is best suited to your need. Not every networking group is created equal. And while it may be useful to try as many as possible, it is not very practical. So how can you find the right networking group for you? Here are some tips to get you started.

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