Chief Information Officer: How the Digital World Has Changed the Job

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Chief Information Officer: it is just another title in a long line of C-Level executive titles? Executives have an important role in the success of any organization and that has never been more true of the CIO. Over the next few months and years their role is going to continue to evolve based on the advancements of technology which are already changing the way American corporations do business. Let’s take a closer look at the function of a CIO and what it can mean for your career.

The Modern CIO

A typical CIO today is directing a much different IT department than their counterpart of a decade ago. The rapid evolution of business technology, including increased digital presence and mobile optimization, means that today’s CIO needs to be grounded in the user experience focusing on both employees and customers. The 21st Century IT department directed by a CIO requires constant knowledge in the most current technologies such as cloud computing. Internet security issues are also a major concern for today’s businesses so protecting company assets, including customers and employees, is a top priority.

There was a time when the IT department was set apart from the day to day functions of the business. They were there to provide technical support when a database went down or email couldn’t be accessed. Never before was technology so integrated with the operations of a business so IT departments and CIOs are now responsible for more revenue generating work than ever before.

In Demand

The changing role of technology in business means that more companies are seeking out experts to run their information technology departments. Businesses that never imagined having a digital presence in the 1990s are realizing now that if they aren’t able to keep up with modern trends they will be quickly left behind. Not only are Chief Information Officers in demand for larger organizations but that the need has trickled down to medium and smaller sized businesses. This means that individual experts in digital technology and IT can find a wide range of opportunities at any level, many of which will provide important experience that can lead to roles further up the ladder over time.

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