Company ID: How to Make Your Company Culture Work for You

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Your company culture is about more than just your mission statement and dress code. How your company defines itself is essential for attracting the right kinds of employees who will be loyal to your organization. You have a lot of competition in your market but company culture is what can set you apart. Here are a few ways you can evaluate your company and establish your own unique culture.

  • Your core values: The first thing you need to do to define your corporate culture is to know what your company does and what it stands for. Your mission statement may be “to provide the best information technology services to our clients.” This is a great start but it doesn’t set you apart from your competition. What are the values you want to ensure are communicated by your mission statement?
  • Vocabulary of reinforcement: A mission statement is, of course, the best first step but you can’t always repeat it ad nauseam when you’re describing your company. You need to create a company specific vocabulary that reinforces your core values and mission statement when you’re describing who you are.
  • Walk the talk: Company culture doesn’t mean much if top management doesn’t play by their own rules. The integrity and value of the company is established by the decision makers and without their adherence to the mission statement everything is just words. Executives and managers must lead by example when it comes to enforcing their corporate culture.
  • Maintain course: This is not to say that you can never alter your focus or make changes to your company, but the overall culture should always be considered when major changes are discussed and implemented. A company that consistently reinvents itself in ways that are inconsistent with their core values can be viewed as less than professional by competitors, potential employees, and the customer base.

Your company culture is essential for attracting the best candidates and maintaining loyal employees and customers. What can you do to establish your company identity and define your core values today?

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