4 Questions to Assess a Candidate’s Cultural Fit in the Interview Process

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While finding a candidate with the right skills should certainly be a priority, cultural fit also plays a major role in whether a new hire will be a success once they join your company. If the job seeker won’t mesh with their team, manager or environment, or doesn’t share your organization’s values, they may struggle to integrate into the company. As a result, they may not thrive in the role, even if they have the required education, experience and skills.

Assessing a candidate’s cultural fit can seem like a challenge on the surface. However, by asking the right questions, you can determine if they are a good match for the company’s culture during the interview. If you want to ask the right questions, here are a few that can help you assess cultural fit.

Can You Describe Your Ideal Workplace?

If a job seeker prefers solitude when they work and your company embraces open space designs, they might not be a great fit. In contrast, if they thrive on easy collaboration, an open workplace could be ideal.

In most cases, this question focuses on the physical environment. However, some candidates may add details about their preferred company values, approach to professional development and anything else that can set workplaces apart, all of which may be important to assess cultural fit.

What Characteristics Do You Value in a Manager?

Some job seekers prefer a more hands-on manager who will provide a significant amount of guidance and support. Others consider autonomy a priority, so a manager who isn’t afraid to give their team some flexibility is a better option in their eyes.

Understanding what a candidate wants from their manager is critical to assess cultural fit, so don’t overlook the value of this question.

What Must Be Present in a Workplace for You to Thrive?

This is a more general question that allows the job seeker to take their response in a variety of directions. However, their response will always relate to their ideal company culture, so you can use the information to determine if your workplace offers what they need to be at their best.

If You Had a Choice, How Much of Your Time Would You Spend Working Alone? How Much as Part of a Team?

Some environments or positions are more team-oriented than others. If a candidate enjoys spending most of their time in a group and the job requires them to spend most of their time on individual tasks, it isn’t necessarily a great match. In cases where the candidate’s preferences align with the team and position, there is a greater chance they will blend into the environment successfully.

Looking to recruit a great cultural fit? We can help!

By asking the questions above, you can assess a candidate’s cultural fit during the interview process. If you would like to know more about successful interviewing techniques, the team at VB can help. Contact us to speak with a member of our knowledgeable recruitment team today and see how our cultural fit expertise can benefit you.

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