Develop These 5 Interpersonal Skills to Make 2016 Your Best Year Yet

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The employment world is always talking about soft skills. But what exactly are soft skills? They are the interpersonal skills that make you effective at working in a team or help you achieve your goals. Some of them, like good communication skills, will go on your resume while others are strictly part of your inherent personality. As you develop your career, consider focusing on these soft skills to make yourself the best you can be.

  • Empathy: Communications skills are essential for any job, but empathy is often overlooked. Empathy helps you better understand the people around you. When you talk with others, allow yourself to see what life is like from their perspective. This will work with unhappy customers or bosses or share in other people’s successes and be truly excited for them.
  • Decisiveness: Do you find it easy to make a decision or do you spend hours debating between two options for lunch? Being able to make a decision and sticking to it is an important soft skill to develop. Most people are worried that they’ll choose the wrong thing, but successful people understand the potential for success and are willing to see where it takes them.
  • Integrity: It is also critical that you approach your career by knowing who you are now and who you want to be. Honestly, values, and integrity will help you demonstrate to those around you that you are a confident professional and that you aren’t willing to do things that compromise your core values.
  • Motivation: It is important to know that motivation shouldn’t come from your environment or the people around you. Your own drive to do better, perform well, and reach the next milestone is essential to your own personal and professional growth. Figure out what motivates you and that will only enhance your career and your working relationships with others.
  • Balance: Finally, it is very important that you maintain perspective as you work toward higher and higher goals in your career. Without balance you will find yourself stressed or unable to handle all of the pressures you put on yourself. Take time for you, your family, and your other interests along the way. This will help you develop into a well-rounded and more satisfied professional in the long run.

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