Do You Need the Perfect LinkedIn Headline for Accounting?

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Love it or hate it, LinkedIn is the premiere professional networking site online. And, even if you’d rather not engage, you’ve really come to a point where having a LinkedIn account will benefit your career. To do that, you need to ensure that your profile has all the right information so finance and accounting employers can find you. The best way to start is with your LinkedIn headline. This is the first thing recruiters or hiring managers see when your profile comes up in a search, so it’s important to optimize this short phrase. Here are some things to consider for your accounting headline.

  • What do recruiters see? Understanding why you need to optimize your headline is about knowing how recruiters and hiring managers use LinkedIn to find potential employees. They are likely to start by searching keywords. The first results will be completed profiles that match search words. But they will only see a name and a short summary, and that summary is your headline. If their keyword match is in a headline, that profile will appear higher on their list. For instance, if they search “Auditor,” they will see headlines with this in the title first. The higher up on you are, the more likely they will click on your profile.
  • What does your headline say? What does your headline say now? The default on LinkedIn is your most recent job title, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. Your job title might not be enough to entice a recruiter or hiring manager to click on your profile. Instead, rather than keeping it “Senior Accountant at XYZ Company,” you can edit this headline to be more attention grabbing. An example might be “Senior Accounting Specialist with over 25 Years in the Logistics Industry.”
  • How does it convey your goals? Your headline does a lot of work with a few words. You not only need to convey what you do but what you want to do with your experience. For example, you may see headlines on LinkedIn that read something like “Currently seeking position in auditing.” While that specifically states a goal, it isn’t as attractive a headline as one that incorporates the goal more fluidly. For example, “Senior Auditor: I Can Ensure Compliance in Your Company.”
  • Will they want to read more? Your headline is meant to convince a recruiter or hiring manager to click on your profile to read more about your background. You also want them to send you a request or email. How does your headline do that? A great strategy is to position yourself as a solution to their problem, even if you don’t know what their problem is. For example, “Focused on Figures, Numbers, and Your Company’s Financial Success.” Be creative, but don’t go overboard with cuteness. Know how to use just enough to pique someone’s curiosity.

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