Does Giving Back Make You A Better Employee?

Many employees believe that working for a company with a strong community involvement aspect is important. But how many employees are willing to walk the walk and give back to the community as well? If you’ve been thinking about volunteering or contributing to a local organization, think about the ways giving back can help make you a better employee. What are some of the experiences you’ll gain by becoming active in the community?

  • Community awareness. Volunteering helps you feel more a part of your overall community. Once you choose a cause or charity, you can find yourself involved in a variety of aspects around your community. Employers like to see candidates who have a sense of civic involvement and pride in their town or city, but you also do this for yourself and your overall health and wellbeing.
  • Self-confidence. In fact, giving back to your community can make you feel much more confident in yourself, your skills, and your worth. Self-confidence is critical for employers and essential for you to thrive in a business setting. Volunteering or working with local organizations can give you that personal boost you need while you help others.
  • Networking skills. Of course, there are other reasons to get involved in your local community and volunteering with organizations. This kind of work attracts people from all aspects of your local community, so it challenges you to get out, meet new people, and learn valuable networking skills that can help you in your career.
  • Providing value. Community involvement and giving back also helps you see how you can provide value. How do you contribute your skills to local organizations? How can you translate those skills in to a positive trait to promote to your current or future employers? While giving back to your community should be done for non-selfish reasons, there are a variety of benefits you will gain along the way.

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