Don’t Dread Your Employee Review

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Your heart races, your palms are sweaty. You have had countless conversations with your manager, but nothing is as panic-inducing as your annual performance review. But it is important to note you’re your manager can be just as anxious during this meeting as you are. But an effective employee review can be a great thing for you and your boss. So before you enter your next meeting, keep some of these tips in mind to make it go smoothly.

  • Suggest a pre-meeting. Be proactive. When you know your review is on the horizon, ask your boss to sit down with you for a quick meeting to discuss the expectations and how you can both prepare better. This can calm your nerves and help your boss understand what you’re looking for in the conversation.
  • Do your homework. After your pre-meeting, spend some researching the things you know you’ll be talking about. For instance, if you want to ask for more money, review your accomplishments for the year and make a case for yourself. Spend time on this information and anything else that seems important to discuss so you don’t feel caught off guard.
  • Participate in the conversation. Once you’re in your review, don’t allow your boss to dominate the conversation. Be willing to provide feedback about their points. Don’t be argumentative, but don’t be timid either. Let them know how they’ve performed as your boss as well by providing information that can help them be a better manager.
  • Discuss the ongoing expectations. Before you leave the meeting, it is essential that you are both on the same page moving forward. Ask or reiterate any action items that you’ve discussed in the meeting. You want to show that you were listening, that you want to improve, and that you are a team player.
  • Maintain open communication. Don’t rely on the annual review as the only avenue for getting or providing feedback. Check in with your manager from time to time to ensure that you’re meeting the expectations that you laid out in your meeting. If you have concerns or questions, don’t wait to talk about them or you might foster dissatisfaction when it isn’t necessary.

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